About Eggleston

BuddiesFor more than 50 years Eggleston has been dedicated to educating, training and employing individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to help people obtain meaningful work opportunities and participate fully in their communities.

We help individuals with disabilities gain independence, confidence and increased feelings of self-worth through on-the-job training and stable, rewarding work opportunities.

Hope - Eggleston EmployeeWhen Eggleston opened in 1955 as the Tidewater Vocational Center, we served only seven individuals with disabilities. Today, we serve hundreds through 33 programs and 22 locations, and our services expand every year.

We continue to grow our services through partnerships with businesses and government institutions, offering our participants the chance to earn a living and lead full and independent lives. The programs offered by Eggleston benefit our participants at Home, at Work, and at Play.