Business Fulfillment

The Best Kind of Value:
Fulfilling your company’s needs while serving the community

Business FulfillmentOur Business Services team can take your concept and make it a reality. We will inventory your bulk parts, assemble them into a high quality finished product and ensure those products reach your customers in a timely and professional manner. Product finishing services include acquisition of raw materials, assembly, packaging, inventory management, order fulfillment and shipping.


Business FulfillmentThe Eggleston bulk mailing team will make sure your marketing materials, customer statements, newsletters and donation requests get there when you want and at the lowest possible postal rate. Bulk mailing services include digital color copying, collating, binding, folding, inserting, sealing, labeling, carrier route presorting and delivery to the USPS.

During the past year, our Business Development Associates were entrusted by the Dollar Tree Corporation with the mailing of a vital policy statement – to every Dollar Tree store in the United States. Our associates also completed a bulk repackaging project for Carolina Nail. Devising a formula to weigh the nails, our associates assembled boxes of 100 units for shipping to retailers in a more efficient process that saved hours of labor and achieved excellent results for our customer.

“When you entrust your job to Eggleston, you’re giving meaningful work to individuals with disabilities. We welcome challenging projects. We can get the job done accurately and on time.”

– Jerry Archer, Business Fulfillment Manager