Community Employment

Many individuals have found careers in commercial businesses through the placement services, training, and job coaching provided by the Eggleston Community Employment department. Corporations, including Canon, Walmart, Krisp-Pak and others have found Eggleston-referred workers to be motivated and dependable employees with positive attitudes.

Training and Placement

Eggleston works in the training and placement of individuals who are seeking employment for the first time or looking for a better opportunity. The program is designed to assist participants in gaining knowledge about job readiness, customized training, interpersonal/life skills, and job skills.

Finding Opportunities

Eggleston employment personnel are out in the job market, networking with employers and discovering suitable job opportunities. Once the match is found, our goal is to have close contact with each placement to ensure they transition smoothly to the independence and self-sufficiency of the working world.

For information on community employment opportunities contact Carey Yates at