Linen & Food Services

Linen Services

keisha_DSC0588Eggleston Linen Services process more than six million pounds of laundry a year, providing work for more than 75 individuals.

The processes of washing, drying, finishing and folding allow workers of varying skill levels to perform up to their abilities, make a living, and enjoy the companionship of fellow workers.

The Eggleston laundry service is state-of-the art, serving high-volume military and civilian clients and providing a stable, year-round payroll.

Food Service

Working through the federal AbilityOne program, Eggleston Food Service employees serve more than one million meals annually to our armed services.

Eggleston performs similar services as a Subcontractor to a World Wide recognized provider of Services at the Camp Allen Mess Hall.

While performing valuable services for the military communities, our people are earning a living wage, making friends, and learning valuable skills that can foster their independence.

Other AbilityOne Contracts operated by Eggleston include: Mail, FEDEX, UPS Service for the Mid-Atlantic Office of the Army Corp of Engineers, and maintenance activities for nine buildings associated with the five Seal Teams connected to Little Creek Amphibious Base.