In Our Own Words

  • Profiles of our People – Jamal Ferguson

    Jamal is a direct support professional at our Tidewater Drive facility and is responsible for the daily care of individuals in our support programs at this location. A basketball standout at Maury High School and Marquette University as well as North Carolina Central University, he also played in the Maui Invitational Tournament in Hawaii. Check out his moves on the court:

    Jamal Ferguson

  • Profiles of our People – Preston Wagoner

    Preston lives in the Sawyer House on the campus of the Sarah Bonwell Hudgins center. He enjoyed a recent trip to the Piccadilly buffet although he and others in his residential home often cook together, most recently cooking a chocolate pie.

    “I love puzzles” says Preston “if they are hard I try to be patient until I get it done right”. Preston loves to walk although he has arthritis, he does not let it keep him from his exercise. Preston also likes using his tablet to play angry birds and other games, and volunteers to bring food to people through the local Meals on Wheels program.

    Profiles of our People - Preston Wagoner

  • Profiles of our People – Wesley Rodgers

    Wesley lives in Hampton and comes to Eggleston’s senior program at the Sarah Bonwell Hudgins center during the day.  As a younger man he enjoyed work at Shoney’s and folding pizza boxes at Papa Johns.  Wesley gives credit to the staff that helps run the program and take care of participants.  “They help us a lot everyday” says Wesley.  In his spare time Wesley likes to go to church events and to the movies.

    Wesley Rodgers

  • Profiles of our People – Michael Sadowski

    Michael enjoys arts and crafts and occasional visits to the Dollar Tree store for shopping. Michael always has a smile for all he encounters and loves to sit outside on sunny days. “I like to be a good friend” says Michael. “I want people to know I am nice and helpful”. Michael has many friends and loves food, his favorite being fried chicken.

    Profiles of our People - Michael Sadowski

  • Profiles of our People – Denise Daniels

    Denise Daniels enjoys her work at Eggleston’s Business Fulfillment Center. Today Denise was assembling candy bags for one of customers, Davis Car Care.  For information on our bulk mailing, packaging and other business fulfillment services contact us at 757-962-2189.

    Denise Daniels

  • Profiles of Our People – Robert

    1412232_10153525721977884_4738961742945560201_oRobert is employed with the Eggleston Automotive Center as a detailer. Robert is currently the senior most member of the crew. He is approaching his sixth anniversary with Eggleston! Robert, with his wealth of experience and enthusiasm for Eggleston, is always eager to assist with tours of our facility and promote Eggleston. We wanted to take this opportunity to commend him for his commitment to the job and highlight what an asset he is to our team.

    Aside from his exemplary work performance, Robert has numerous interests which occupy his time outside of work. Robert is a writer and history buff. Robert’s diligence extends beyond his job. Robert makes daily journal entries to hone his creative writing skills and regularly astounds his coworkers with his encyclopedic knowledge of United States Presidential history.

    Robert distinguishes his current job from past employment because this is the first situation where he has met his self-defined criteria for success. When asked how he defines success in employment, Robert cites his consistent attendance, seniority, hard work and, most importantly, his ability to make money. Great job, Robert!

  • Profiles of our People – Angelique


    Angelique Hutton has been a Preparation Technician with Document Conversion for over two years and worked within Eggleston for over 22 years. Angelique is part of the People for People Advocacy group and she has joined the Eggleston Human Rights Committee.

  • Profiles of Our People – Linwood


    Linwood has been working at Eggleston for almost 15 years. Currently he works in Eggleston’s Laundry facility. He loves working and has demonstrated his dependability over the years and continues to be an asset to the Laundry team. He comes to work with a smile on his face daily. You can spot his big and bright smile on one of Eggleston’s laundry trucks while driving in the Hampton Roads area.

  • Ray Colson

    Ray enjoys country music and sings and plays keyboards at his church when he
    is not working as part of an assembly team at Eggleston’s Business
    Fulfillment Center.

  • Bobby Hartsell

    Bobby enjoys working on cars at Eggleston’s Automotive Center and takes
    pride in getting the vehicles clean and ready for our auctions. The
    auctions proceeds help fund our many programs.