Nominate: Warrior Bridge Wheels 2 Work Contest

Warrior Bridge Wheels 2 Work

The Warrior Bridge Wheels to Work Initiative will run from November 15, 2019, through December 31, 2019. A winner will be selected by a committee in January 2020.
Any Military Veteran experiencing transportation challenges who lives within the 7-cities of Hampton Roads is eligible for nomination.

The veteran who is selected will be provided a vehicle, which will be selected from our fleet of donated vehicles at Eggleston Automotive Center.

In addition, their initial first-year registration and tags/taxes will be covered. The selected recipient will need to be able to legally drive the automobile and provide appropriate insurance for the vehicle. They will also need to be able to maintain the expenses of owning the vehicle in the future. Eggleston will not be providing any expenses for vehicle maintenance, taxes, tags, insurance, etc. after the initial award. Eggleston will also not be responsible for any repairs to the vehicle if the need for such a thing arises.

The recipient will be selected based on their needs as it relates to them to be able to work.

Transportation is one of the biggest challenges for many veterans trying to work. Warrior Bridge hopes that this Wheels to Work initiative will help one more veteran find, and keep a well-deserved job!

Our hope is that other generous local businesses and partners in the area will also step up and consider providing vehicle and tire maintenance, inspections and even gas cards in order to help set this veteran up for success in their automotive ownership.

Wheels 2 Work Recipient Selection Criteria:
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Proof of employment in order to provide gas, maintenance, registration, and associated fees and sales tax, if applicable
• Does not own reliable transportation or has had a recent total breakdown of transportation. This program is not to provide a newer vehicle; it is to provide basic transportation.
• Be financially challenged to the point that a vehicle could help make a substantial difference in job or earning potential
• Must be able to provide insurance coverage for vehicle. Please remember that the recipient is legally required to obtain and continue insurance coverage.

*Disclaimer: By accepting this award the recipient agrees to be featured in advertising and marketing materials including but not limited to Radio, TV, Print, and Online communications about this program and their award.