Collaborative Community Connections

Collaborative Community ConnectionsCollaborative Community Connections, a program based out of Portsmouth, VA is dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable populations, specifically homeless individuals and those at imminent risk of homelessness have the opportunity for viable employment.  Many of these individuals have a disability or other barriers to employment.  We work to develop relationships with local businesses to establish opportunities that recognize each individual’s situation and foster employment.  We develop programs to benefit and increase the employable skills of each client and assist them in overcoming various barriers that may impede their employability. We are sensitive to each need and ensure that services are tailored to meet every unique issue and ultimately produce success.  Furthermore, we connect with employers and other community agencies on a personal level to advocate and educate them on the plight of the homeless in the workforce.  We act as a liaison to avoid issues, and provide clients with items that necessary for success in the work place.

In 2018 we seek to continue to add sustainable employees to the workforce.   By assisting these individuals to overcome each barrier we prepare them to become productive citizens. Our main goal is to empower our clients to help themselves. With our assistance, we help clients in identifying their needs and detail the steps required to get to the best version of themselves. In the spirit of Eggleston’s original ideals, we encourage our participants to pursue every opportunity for advancement, the be empowered and independent.  Everything is possible with diligence and hard work and with the support of people who work from the heart.