Digital Document Conversion

Document Management and ConversionEggleston offers affordable conversion of hardcopy paper documents into easily stored, readily accessible industry standard digital images. This process of converting documents is in strict accordance with regulations, procedures, and guidelines for all of our customers.

Are you tired of searching for paper files? Our document conversion service allows you to be able to search all of your files from the comfort of your desk – at work or home.

We offer a range of options for scanning your records. We give customers immediate access to their records using secure cloud storage technology. We offer searchable PDF conversion in over 30 different languages!

The Process

  1. Secure Pickup – your boxes will be manifested and loaded onto our trucks.
  2. Prepare documents – Remove staples, clips and bindings.
  3. Scan and Index – Scan the documents and index (naming) according to your specifications.
  4. Quality Control – We review all documents before they are stored.
  5. Customer Access – Access is easy from your work or home computer
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Operation Smile

“Eggleston has been a reliable partner of Operation Smile for many years. Thanks to its work with Eggleston Document Conversion, Operation Smile provides a global volunteer workforce of thousands of physicians, nurses, researchers and other health care professionals. ”
Chris Bryant, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Applications & Technology, Operation Smile 

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