Sawyer House

Sawyer house is an electrifying, charismatic, eclectic group of adults with different abilities who reside in a residential setting/home. This residential home provides a variety of services including but not limited to lodging, home cook meals, administering of medication according to doctors’ orders, ADLs, and assistance with daily living skills and activities. Sawyer house is all about community integration and empowering of self. These activities are person centered according to each individual needs and wants. Staff supports residents at church, dances, swimming, bowling, vacations, cardio regiments, grocery shopping, etc.


Name: M. Artis
Company Title: Eggleston services
Hometown: : (NY-CT-CA)
Currently Reside in (City/Neighborhood): Norfolk
Years at Eggleston: 2 years and 3 months

I am currently a residential manager for Eggleston services and a member of our safety team as well as an investigator (involving incidents). I Had the pleasure of advocating for human services for the last 9years. Performing different positions and job duties such as a DSP for day support & residential, case manager for vocational services, employment specialist, Job coach, and trainer. As well as teaching arts & theatre for adults with different abilities.
Treat others the way you want to be treated
how successful people lead”-“short stories by Negro writers”- “The Bible
Not believing you can achieve your goals and outcomes.
I Love advocating for adults with different abilities, being impactful in their daily lives.
Italy and Africa
My decisions effect lives, Always give 110%
Creating music and writing songs