Sarah Bonwell Hudgins Center

The Sarah Bonwell Hudgins Center is a 40-acre campus in Hampton, VA, for persons with disabilities.  Eggleston manages operations and activities on this campus for the Sarah Bonwell Hudgins Foundation. The center enables persons with disabilities to develop skills, work, enjoy life, and learn to live independently in a safe, caring environment.

The Sarah Bonwell Hudgins Foundation also hosts a variety of programs at the center.   To learn more about these programs click here.

Facilities to Foster Development

The Foundation offers a variety of resources for Eggleston associates with disabilities. In addition to four residences, the location features:

  • Jennifer S. Kincaid Building for day support activities
  • Ted Pritchard Gymnasium for recreational activities. The full-sized gym is has basketball goals and shuffleboard courts. The space is large enough for a variety of fun, therapeutic activities.
  • Rufus R. Kennedy Industrial Center for employment opportunities. Housing the Eggleston Business Services Department, adults with disabilities work in secure document conversion and shredding. Employees also work through other partnerships with companies like Canon Virginia for other meaningful experiences.
  • Additional amenities include the Jean Hudgins Singleton Cafeteria, a picnic shelter and swimming pool.

All locations are available for meetings, parties and other special events. With ample space and parking,

These locations are perfect for gatherings with families, friends and colleagues.

For more information, call 757-827-8757 or email Lorri Powers, Executive Director at

Day Support

At several of our locations we offer day support programs for persons with disabilities. These programs are designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through a social network of friends, a caring staff and meaningful and stimulating activities. These programs help those who attend to develop and balance the emotional, intellectual, and physical dimensions of their lives.

At our Tidewater Drive location is our Specialized Services Division. This program supports over 70 associates with significant intellectual disabilities. Part of this division is the Senior’s program which offers retirement type services to individual with disabilities over 50 years of age. Many of these individuals have spent 20 or more years working in a variety of business lines at Eggleston. As our associates age and move out of daily work and in to retirement, we strive to provide appropriate programs to accommodate their needs.