Creating education training and employment


Empowering People, Changing Lives

Since 1955, Eggleston has helped find more and better ways to help persons with disabilities lead fuller, richer lives. We find and create opportunities for individuals to make the most of their abilities, contribute to society, and enjoy the satisfaction of working and earning their own living. In 2015 we celebrate our 60th year of empowering people and changing lives.

Jobs, Learning & Independent Living

Through a variety of enterprises, Eggleston creates opportunities to receive on-the-job training and subsequent employment, in either an Eggleston facility, or with a participating corporate partner. Other efforts focus on specialized instruction, sports and programs at Eggleston facilities, providing fun and companionship. Through facilities and outreach Eggleston helps people have opportunites in a variety of settings.

Many ways to help

There are many ways to help. Your tax deductible donation will support our many programs. Visit our donations page to find your way. We also encourage you to consider visiting our retail businesses such as our garden center, embroidery, shredding and pet care.