A monetary gift can make an immediate difference in the lives of people with disabilities in our community. Every dollar counts when it comes to providing a safe and loving environment where our service recipients can thrive.

It is our goal to never turn away a prospective employee or program participant because of a lack of resources.

Your support helps make that goal a reality.

For over 60 years, Eggleston programs and services have helped tens of thousands of people with disabilities and their families—and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you.

Your willingness to help adults with disabilities in our community makes all the difference for Eggleston Associates. Your donation will help individuals with disabilities gain independence, confidence and increased feelings of self-worth through on-the-job training and rewarding work opportunities. Your contributions also support Eggleston’s day support and life enhancement programs, residential housing, and recreation opportunities.

Your Gifts have made a huge impact this year:

  • Your Gifts helped 158 people start new jobs in the community
  • Your Gifts helped 30 individuals find a home through supportive residential services
  • Your Gifts helped 70 individuals have a place to go during the day for supported and interactive services
  • Your Gifts helped 186 people attend our Summer Program at Civitan Acres

Eggleston serves more than 1,000 individuals with disabilities each year because of your generous gifts. There are still thousands more people we can serve with your help.

The gift you make now can truly change a life!