Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Denny Wance View Bio

Denny Wance

Jennifer Anders View Bio

Jennifer Anders

Vice Chair
James D. Sanders View Bio

James D. Sanders

Brian J. Dundon View Bio

Brian J. Dundon

Dave Belote View Bio

Dave Belote

Director, Residential Ad Hoc Committee Chair
Jim Brown View Bio

Jim Brown

Director, Marketing Committee Chair
Susan Craft View Bio

Susan Craft

Director, Immediate Past Chair, Human Resources Committee Chair
Zach Lampert View Bio

Zach Lampert

Philip L. Russo, Jr. View Bio

Philip L. Russo, Jr.

Michael L. Sterling View Bio

Michael L. Sterling

Director, Risk Management Committee Chair
C. Arthur Robinson, II View Bio

C. Arthur Robinson, II

Director Emeritus
Devyn Asercion View Bio

Devyn Asercion

Member, Human Resources Committee
Christine Gustafson View Bio

Christine Gustafson

Member, Marketing Committee
Craig Lyons View Bio

Craig Lyons

Member, Programs Committee
Fiesta Martin View Bio

Fiesta Martin

Member, Program Committee
Elizabeth View Bio

Elizabeth "Liz" McCuean

Member, Programs Committee and Risk Management Committee
Austin Saucer View Bio

Austin Saucer

Member, Human Resources Committee
Amanda Wells View Bio

Amanda Wells

Member, Human Resources Committee
Cindy Wells View Bio

Cindy Wells

Member, Marketing Committee