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Meet Erin

Meet Erin

Favorite Sport: Swimming (She’s a Special Olympics Gold Medalist!)
Favorite Food: Chicken Salad
Favorite Movie: Power Rangers
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Erin lives in an Eggleston Residential home and attends an Eggleston Day Program. She became part of the Eggleston family in 2014 when she moved in and has been living her best life ever since. When asked what she likes most about Eggleston, she replied, “It’s a great place, and I love doing everything!” Erin says she likes her housemates and that her dream is to make it big in Hollywood one day. At Eggleston, Erin has many opportunities to shine, from being a guest on our radio show, to throwing out the first pitch at a Norfolk Tides game, and even being named our 2018 Associate of the Year. Like all of the individuals we serve at Eggleston, Erin is an important member of our family.