Everyday Heroes

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Everyday Heroes give adults with disabilities in Hampton Roads the extra care and support they need and deserve in their daily lives.

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Monthly giving means spreading your giving throughout the year, perhaps allowing you to achieve even greater impact!

Will you be an Everyday Hero for people like Nick?

Meet Nick

Nick is one of more than 95 individuals working in Eggleston’s laundry division.  After he graduated from Norview High School, he worked briefly with the Zoo before joining Eggleston.  Nick has been with Eggleston since 1996. Like many adults with disabilities, Nick’s primary caregivers have been his family.  When you ask Nick what is his favorite part of the job, he will tell you it is seeing his friends each day.

$10.00 a month:

  • Gives someone two bus passes to get to their job that provides them with a sense of self-worth
  • Gives 5 people attending a day program a month’s worth of face mask coverings to keep them safe
  • is just 33 cents a day, $2.50 a week, or $120 a year
  • less than one cup of coffee a week or a monthly steaming subscription

$25.00 a month:

  • Gives someone with a disability two hours of support they need to go to the grocery store
  • Provides transportation for 10 people to attend a program that enriches their lives
  • Is $6.25 a week or $300 a year

$50.00 a month:

  • Gives someone with limited financial resources a week’s worth of meals
  • Provides day program participants with art supplies
  • Gives someone in their first job on-the-job training support
  • Is 12.50 a week (one lunch eating out) or $600 a year

$100.00 a month:

  • Provides someone isolating at home, internet access to connect with their program and see friends
  • Can provide a monthly music therapy session for those with autism
  • Gives a group of 8 a chance to get out in the community – like a trip to the beach, a museum or even the zoo.
  • Subsidizes household expenses for individuals with limited financial resources
  • Helps someone moving into  a place of their own buy items they need like bedding or a dresser
  • Is $1,200 a year