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Thousands of people in Hampton Roads have found that donating a car or truck to Eggleston is an easy and rewarding way to make the most of a vehicle they no longer need. If you are considering donating a car to charity, donate your car to Eggleston in Virginia.

A person extending his hand to hand over car keys for donating a car to a reputable car donation charity.

Running or not, we'll come and get it

Donated vehicles are cleaned, repaired, and prepared for auction by our team of mechanics and detailers. Your donation helps individuals with disabilities develop important job experience, and learn people skills, dealing with co-workers and customers.

When you donate your vehicle to Eggleston, the vehicle is auctioned locally, local people benefit, and every dollar realized from the eventual sale continues fulfilling Eggleston’s mission. There are no outside agencies involved, giving you comfort that your donation helps in so many ways.

Plus, the Donation Is Tax Deductible! If you’re considering donating to a reputable car donation charity, Donate Your Car to Eggleston.  Call or Fill Out out the form below to get started today!

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Frequent Questions About Car Donation

You only need to have a valid title.
We will schedule a tow or you may drop it off at our Auto Center (3525 N. Military Highway, Norfolk, VA 23518).
The vehicle is sold at auction and the donor may take the Fair Market Value up to $500 or the sale price of the vehicle.
Yes, in many circumstances we do.
The proceeds from your donation are used to accomplish Eggleston’s mission of providing education, training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities in Hampton Roads.
We accept donations from Hampton Roads and outlying communities.
Yes we do. Please call the Eggleston Auto Center (757-963-8393) to determine eligibility.
The tow driver will leave a Thank You card. A Thank You letter from the Eggleston CEO will be mailed shortly after the donation. Upon the sale of the vehicle, a settlement letter will be issued. Prior to January 31 of the following year, you will receive a IRS 1098c form.

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