Vehicle Donations

Thousands of people in Hampton Roads have found that donating a car or truck to Eggleston is an easy and rewarding way to make the most of a vehicle they no longer need. If you are considering a car donation charity, donate your car to Eggleston in Virginia.

A person extending his hand to hand over car keys for donating a car to a reputable car donation charity.

Running or not, we'll come and get it

Donated vehicles are cleaned, repaired, and prepared for auction by our mechanics and detailers. Your donation helps individuals with disabilities develop important job experience and learn people skills, dealing with co-workers and customers.

When you donate a car to reputable car donation charities like Eggleston, the vehicle is auctioned locally, local people benefit, and every dollar realized from the eventual sale continues fulfilling Eggleston’s mission. There are no outside agencies involved, giving you comfort that your donation helps in so many ways.

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Plus, the Donation Is Tax Deductible! If you’re considering donating a car to charity, Donate Your Car to Eggleston. Call or Fill Out the form below to get started today!

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How We Help

At Eggleston, our mission is to serve individuals across a spectrum of disabilities, ensuring that everyone—irrespective of their specific challenges—can lead a fulfilling, independent life.

  1. Your donated vehicle is picked up by dedicated team members.
  2. Our team cleans, repairs, and prepares the vehicle for auction.
  3. The vehicle is auctioned locally, impacting our community for the better.
  4. The proceeds from the sale go back to our services, helping veterans, individuals with brain injuries, and more!

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Who We Help

We focus on both verbal communication and non-verbal cues, recognizing that everyone has different ways of interacting. This inclusive approach enables us to serve individuals who are intellectually, physically, mentally, or developmentally disabled, as well as those who are vision-impaired or hearing-impaired.

  1. Intellectually-disabled adults
  2. Physically-disabled adults
  3. Mentally-disabled adults, including those with conditions like PTSD
  4. Veterans, who may also have overlapping disabilities
  5. Individuals with developmental differences
  6. Vision-impaired individuals
  7. Hearing-impaired individuals

Our goal is to see beneath the surface, understanding the unique needs and potential of each individual. Regardless of where someone falls on the disability spectrum, Eggleston is here to help. Eggleston’s support groups and Beacon House provide a safe and nurturing environment for individuals with varying disabilities, allowing them to connect, share experiences, and build resilience together.

Our Support Groups

About Eggleston’s Mission

Eggleston traces its roots to 1955 when it was established as the Tidewater Vocational Center, aiming to train individuals with physical disabilities. Over time, the organization expanded its services, adopting its current name, “Eggleston,” in 1987. Today, Eggleston is a leading nonprofit organization in our community, dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through education, training, and employment opportunities. When you donate a car (no matter its condition), you join our community-focused mission—helping people with disabilities live full and meaningful lives.

About Eggleston

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