Veterans Spotlight

Eggleston values everyone who supports our mission to train, educate, and employ people of all abilities across Hampton Roads. We are especially proud of our employees who have chosen to come and work with us following their service to our country. Our Veterans help make Eggleston great! We are dedicated to employing those who served and appreciate the wealth of experience, knowledge and skills Veterans bring to their jobs here at Eggleston.

Our Warrior Bridge program is an important way we support the employment and success of Veterans in Hampton Roads. This program is designed to meet any veteran where they are in their career path and support their efforts to become employed, self-sustained and a productive member of our community.

OS2 Michael Shackelford

United States Navy 1998-2002

Michael Shackelford

Michael was born in Pasadena, CA and grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. After graduating high school, he attended Cabrillo College for a short period before deciding to serve in the U.S. Navy. He states his desire to see the world, leave home and serve our nation were factors that influenced his decision to join the military.

Michael attended Recruit Training in Great Lakes, IL in 1998, and then he attended Operations Specialist A School at Naval Base Dam Neck in Virginia Beach. As an Operations Specialist Michael was responsible for a wide range of technical information and assistance related to anti-warfare, gunfire support and search and rescue operations. He first reported to the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) in Norfolk where he made two deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

When asked about his most memorable moment, he replies “being underway in the Arabian Sea during the 9/11 attacks and having the opportunity to respond.” As he reflected on his time in the military, it was very apparent that Michael values the experience and memories of his naval service. He credits the Navy for developing his keen attention to detail and the ability to follow direct orders. Both these traits, he jokingly admits, have served him well as a husband too.

Michael is a huge supporter and fan of his native California sports teams. However, he enjoys attending local sporting events and wine clubs. One of his favorite quotes is “Do or Do Not. There is no try.”

Michael has been the Grants Manager at Eggleston since October 2017. He and his wife Christin reside in Norfolk.

SPC Kevin Pruden

United States Army 1972-1978

kevin pruden

Kevin is a native of Norfolk, VA and served in the United States Army. He was first introduced to the military by his grandfather who served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and his decision to join the Army was influenced by his neighbor who was an Army recruiter.

Kevin completed Army Basic Training in Fort Jackson, S.C. After boot camp he transferred to Advance Individual Training (AIT) in Fort Dix, New Jersey, where he became Voice Radio Operator. After completing boot camp and AIT he reported to the 11th Armored Cavalry (Blackhorse) Regiment in Fulda, Germany for duty. Although Kevin had expected to perform the duties as a Voice Radio Operator, he quickly learned his role would change to a Small Arms Weapons Expert. He was responsible for the accountability and maintenance of small arms and ammunition.

Kevin recalls a story about his reunion with a fellow soldier he served with in Germany. After 46 years of separation they recently found one another on Facebook, and Kevin states, “I am definitely looking forward to seeing my battle buddy again.”

SPC Pruden is clearly proud of his service to our nation. He credits the Army for equipping him with the discipline, leadership and supervisory skills he possesses today.

One of his favorite quotes is “It’s all good.”

Kevin has been employed with Eggleston as a truck driver since September 2017. He and his wife reside in Norfolk where they rescue and adopt Rottweilers.

PFC Quintrina Gallop

United States Army 2000-2003

PFC Quintrina Gallop

Trina was born and grew up in Norfolk, VA and served in the United States Army.

Multiple factors influenced Trina’s decision to join the Army. She was a member of JROTC at Maury High School and with several family members also serving in the military, she knew the Army would provide her the opportunity to travel and become self-sufficient.

Trina completed Army Basic Training in Fort Jackson, S.C. and Advance Individual Training (AIT) at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL., where she developed her skills and knowledge as an Army Ammunition Specialist. AIT provided her the skills to handle and maintain the Army’s ammunition, missiles and rockets. Trina spent the majority of her military career in Killeen, Texas at Fort Hood Army Base, maturing both personally and professionally. She states “my military experience helped me cultivate self-respect as well as respect for authority.” She also expresses gratitude for the long-lasting relationships she developed with her fellow soldiers while on active duty, many of whom she remains friends to this today.

Recalling memorable moments, Trina says that “enduring those 12 mile humps, sleeping in foxholes, rope repelling and ultimately graduating from basic training was unforgettable.” It’s clear that she is very proud to be a veteran with honorable service to our nation. She has no regrets, and if given the opportunity, says she’d do it all over again.

When asked to share one of her favorite quotes, she replies “Getting older is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

Trina has been part of the Eggleston team as a Direct Support Professional since 2007. She and her family reside in Norfolk.


United States Navy 1995-2016

Craig Lyons

Craig (aka ‘Leroy’) grew up in Carpentersville, IL and made a decision to join the Navy during his junior year of high school. His naval career began at Navy Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.

After graduating from basic training and completing A-School, he reported to Air Anti-Submarine Squadron (VS-41) in San Diego, CA. His other duty stations included the USS Fitzgerald, USS Bataan and Naval Legal Service Office, Washington, DC.

When asked why he wanted to join the military, Craig stated “the Navy provided gave me a chance to move away from home and an opportunity to travel and see the world.”
Chief Lyons also expressed great joy in being able to travel to countries such as Japan, Italy, Singapore and Australia. However, one of his most memorable moments was being promoted to Chief Petty Officer while serving aboard the USS Bataan.

Chief Lyons admits that serving in the military taught him discipline and responsibility, raising him “from being a young boy to a professional young man.”

Craig has been a club member of Eggleston’s Beacon House since 2017. He shares that he would like to move forward from his injury to be a new person going in a positive direction. He also gives credit to his motorcycle club, Dirty Riders, for their continued love and support.

When asked to share a favorite quote, Craig says “Only stress about the things that you can control.”

CM2 Julie Waltz

United States Navy 1985-1993

Julie Waltz

Julie was born and grew up in Fort Dodge, Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

She joined the United States Navy because she wanted to see and experience the world.

Julie went to Basic Training in Orlando, FL. After boot camp she completed Construction Mechanic A-School where she was trained on the operational maintenance of light and heavy construction vehicles. Her tours of duty include Construction Battalion Unit (CBU) 401 in Great Lakes, IL, Public Works Division in Sigonella, Sicily and Special Warfare Group TWO, Norfolk, VA.

One of her most memorable moments was serving in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. She describes it as a very humbling and sobering experience. However, Julie states “while serving I met my husband and started my family. Meeting him and having our son were the best things to happen to me.”

Julie admits that serving in the military taught her discipline and equipped her with the tools to work through difficult situations. She is very proud to have served her country. “It is a sacrifice to serve and be away from home and loved ones while defending our country. Thank a service member or veteran each time you meet one and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.” says Julie.

Julie has been the Supervisor at Eggleston’s Embroidery and Screen Print Services since 2015.

When asked to share a favorite quote, she replies “D#mn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

SGT Donald A Malenovitch

United States Army 1985-1993

Donald A Malenovitch

Donald was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and is happy that the Eagles won Superbowl 52!

When asked why he wanted to join the military, Donald replied that he needed to change his life for the better. At age 13 while in a foster home, he made a decision to change his life so that someday, his children could be proud of him.

Donald dreamed of going into the services and becoming a soldier. Upon graduation from high school, he went to Basic Training in Fort Benning, GA – Home of the Infantry. His first duty station was Garlstadt Germany, 4th Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, where he served for three years. His military occupational skill was 11B Infantryman, later changing to 11M (Mechanized Infantryman), as well as operating the Bradley Fight Vehicle.

Donald served in Operation Desert Shield with the 5th Battalion – 18th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division from Friedberg, Germany. His company was responsible for securing a highway between Baghdad and Basra; processing over 200 Iraqi fighters in a single day.

One of Donald’s most memorable moments was serving as the Battalion Commander’s gunner on the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, when he shot a perfect score (1000 out of 1000) on the firing range. He was one of the best in his division.

Donald has been the Program Manager of Eggleston at Civitan since 2015. Donald has a true love for his country and believes that everyone should “be all they can be”.

When asked if he would do it all over again, without hesitation he replies “Sign me up!”