Carrie Craddock, Quality Assurance Manager, Department of Human Resources

How long has the nominee been employed with Eggleston? 5 yrs

Explain the type of work the individual performs.

Carrie has held several positions within the company. She has been a DSP, a Floater, and Intake Coordinator, and currently is the QA manager in the Human Resources Department. Carrie is responsible for support in relation to documentation, compliance, regulations, and trending activities and supports for individuals with disabilities.  She helps to ensure compliance with Medicaid, contractual, and licensing regulations. Carrie acts as an advocate of people with disabilities and is the company Human Rights officer. She supervises and helps to train staff, develops best practices and activities that ensure program compliance with regulatory requirements.

  1. Carrie conducts quality assurance reviews to ensure program compliance with Eggleston requirements as well as regulatory requirements of contractual agreements, DMAS, Licensure, CARF, etc.
  2. She provides daily instruction and supervision to assigned personnel.
  3. Carrie collaborates with other service providers, and family or significant others, to ensure satisfaction with services and to resolve any programmatic or associate issues.
  4. She ensures protocols are in place, and follows reporting procedures for critical incidents, Human Rights Reporting and staff injuries in a timely manner.

How has the individual improved relationship within and outside the organization?

Carrie continues to further the mission of Eggleston by providing great customer service and acts as a resource for the individuals we support. She has great communication skills that allow her to develop and motivate others. She has a focus on advocacy with the individuals we serve as well as staff, families, caretakers, and case management. Carrie demonstrates the ability to work well in cooperation with others, through trust and involvement in interpersonal relationships. As the QA manager, Carrie’s effective communication style and feedback have been key in the success of her department.  She has many positive relationships with staff, co-workers and senior leaders.

In what ways has the individual contributed to improving processes or enhanced the environment for their team?

Carrie was instrumental in helping with CARF accreditation, REDCAP DMAS assessments, and making sure that she has updated any policy or procedure as needed, to reach a higher standard of excellence. Carrie designed her current position herself, as it was the first QA manager position was a new position for Eggleston.

In what ways has the individual ensured growth in their team members, department or program?

Carrie continually participates in quality and strategic planning with various Eggleston teams. She encourages training, and helps the staff she works with, to always seeks knowledge, growth, and encourages positive relationships by providing opportunities for her team and herself to always learn new things that will make an impact on services.

Why should this nominee be selected as the inaugural recipient of the Paul J. Atkinson, Sr. Leadership Award?

Carrie continues to impress me with her natural leadership abilities.  She is passionate about her work and strives for excellence.  Carrie is reliable, intelligent, dedicated, and does not back down from challenge.  I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with integrity, and I am honored to work with her on the Eggleston team.

Letter of Recommendation:

Carrie is always moving Eggleston’s mission forward by leading by example in the most professional manner.  She has worked on many projects and committees to ensure compliance and excellence in action.  In her position as quality manager, Carrie has helped bring to light areas needing improvement.  She has developed several processes and written procedures in order to address some of these areas.

Carrie is the first person to volunteer for a project.  She worked on CARF accreditation, REDCAP DMS assessments, point of contact for licensure visits, and human rights reporting.  I have never heard Carrie complain about any aspect of her job responsibilities.  She is always a professional leader striving to create tools for others do their best.  She provides training to others in a dignified manner that makes people want to learn.

It is Carrie’s dedication to her job and her ability to lead by example that leads me to support her nomination.

Pam Frazer, Associate Vice President, Day Services