Big Hearts & Powerful Words Create Meaningful Connections at Green Run High School

Joann Mancuso, the program director for our Brain Injury Services division at Eggleston delivers over 90 presentations a year at local high schools about why it is so important to make safe decisions when driving as a part of our curriculum through The Beacon House Clubhouse located in Virginia Beach. The Beacon House provides services for adults living with brain injuries in Hampton Roads. They have been delivering these presentations as a part of their program for many many, years and have had a wonderful impact and great experiences with the students and all who are involved.


This week, however, Joann and one of our participants, Adam, had a special encounter that has made a lasting impact on them and so many of us at Eggleston. One of the students, Emmanuel, was in the 3rd block session. He had on a “pretty cool shirt” according to Adam. Because Adam is not one to get excited about too many things, Joann took a moment to take a photo of the shirt and ask Emmanuel where he got it so that she could purchase one for Adam for Christmas.  After listening to the presentation and about how little Adam has as a result of his brain injury, Emmanuel came up to Adam and literally gave him the shirt off his back. It was a very moving moment and it brought tears to Joann’s eyes but, more importantly, a smile to Adam’s face! Which according to Joann, “That is a big deal to see on Adam.”  Joann shared with the young man that she was so proud of his kindness and that she bet his mom would be as well! We all agree!


Joann reached out to the team at Green Run to share our thanks and appreciation, here is what the Principal, Todd Tarkenton, had to say to Joann,

“We are so proud of Emmanuel and all of our students for their amazing gestures of generosity and kindness. Thank you for recognizing yet another example of how our students do things #TheStallionWay.”


This is such a beautiful example of how small gestures of kindness really can have a huge impact! Emmanuel’s moment of generosity has made its way through our building and put happy smiles on many faces this week as we all appreciate the thoughtful gesture and a simple shared moment of gratitude. Thank you to Emmanuel, his family, and all the staff and students at Green Run High School for supporting Eggleston and our team at The Beacon House.


If you would like to learn more about how you can support our friends at the Beacon House or any of our other numerous programs and services across Hampton Roads, please call 757-858-8011 and ask for our Director of Development, Danielle Nance, or email her at


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