Civitan Acres

Civitan AcresThe Civitan Acres Wellness Program is designed to offer individuals meaningful and functional year round group day services based on improving quality of life and enhancing independence for individuals with disabilities. Civitan promotes individuals’ integration within their communities and interactions with other community members; offering more freedom and options to develop natural support systems and relationships. All activities provided focus on growth in independence and self-actualization. Services provided include skill building and supports for the acquisition, retention, or improvement of self-help, socialization, community integration, employability and adaptive skills. Group day services provide opportunities for peer interactions, community integration, enhancement of social networks and assurance of an individual’s health and safety.

Skill Building is a focus of this service unless the individual has a documented degenerative condition, in which case day services may focus on maintaining skill and functioning and preventing or slowing regression rather than acquiring new skills or improving existing skills. Group day services delivered in a group setting of no more than 1:7 staff to individual ratio.

Civitan Acres also provides Community Engagement, which is a new service that provides the individuals with a wide variety of opportunities to build relationships and natural support systems, while utilizing the community as a learning environment. It supports and fosters the ability of the individual to require, retain, or improve skill necessary to build positive social behavior, interpersonal competence, greater independence, employability and personal choice necessary to access typical activities and functions of community life such as those chosen by the general population. These activities are conducted at naturally occurring times and in a variety of natural setting in which the individual actively interacts with persons without disabilities (other than those paid to support the individual). These services are provided to the individual at no more than 1:3 staff to individual ratio.

The hours of program operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-3:00 pm with transportation provided or 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

I’m Joseph

“I like coming to Civitan Acres now. I was a little uncomfortable at first, because I only liked being with my parents – but now, I’ve made friends and I have learned a lot of good things, like when and how to wash my hands. And I can change the station on the radio to get better music!”

Services/Benefits Provided

  • Community Integration
  • Medication Assistance
  • Personal needs assessment
  • Individualized plan of care
  • Functional and meaningful activities
  • Supervision by qualified personnel

Populations served

  • Individuals 18 years of age or older with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability

Admission criteria

  • Must have an Intellectual or Developmental disability
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be eligible for Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Waiver, Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (IFDD) Waiver, Day Support (DS) Waiver, CSB Contract, or Private Funding
  • Ability to benefit from services, including willingness to participate in community experiences, provided in group settings, with the levels of staffing provided under current funding structures
  • Medical needs do not necessitate skilled Nursing Care during program hours
  • Must be medically stable prior to admission including free from communicable diseases that pose a serious threat as defined by public health authorities (ex. Tuberculosis)
  • Must not be deemed a threat to self or others (including no recent history of serious aggressive or violent behavior)
  • Not actively abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Must submit required intake paperwork for admission

Program Capacity:

  • 35 total daily

Discharge Criteria:

  • All applicable individual goals have been met
  • Acceptance in alternate program
  • Violent or disruptive behavior that poses danger to self or others and that has not been successfully controlled with appropriate support methods
  • Consistent refusal to participate in activities including community experience
  • Presents needs which cannot be met with available resources
  • Services no longer required, excessive absenteeism or does not benefit from program

Opportunities for vocational services and wage earning:

  • No paid work is offered through this program

Staff Qualifications:

  • Trained and holds current CPR/ First Aid certification
  • Trained and holds current Medication Management certification – 32 hour course
  • Trained and holds current CHOI (behavior management) certification
  • Free of communicable disease in any form
  • Cleared through criminal background investigation and drug testing
  • Demonstrated skills and abilities in supporting individuals with disabilities
  • Annual DMV record review & Defensive Driving Training
  • Human Rights and Abuse & Neglect Prevention Training
  • Compliance with VA Licensing Training requirements

Accreditation & Licensure:

  • Eggleston Services, Inc. Day Support programs are CARF accredited in Community Integration Services. It is also licensed to provide Day Support Services through the VA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.