Honor American Veterans By Donating To Veteran Community Services

2020 findings report that of 18 million American citizens, about 7% have served as active military, naval, or air service personnel. Among that percentage, Hampton Roads has one of the largest military populations— with hundreds of servicemen and women transitioning back into civilian life every month. Donating to Virginia veterans can help guide them through the turbulent challenges faced during this change and ensure they receive proper care and support for years after their service.

Eggleston Warrior Bridge engages the employment and success of Veterans with disabilities in Hampton Roads. By connecting them to their desired career path, we support veterans’ efforts to become employed, self-sustained, and productive members of our community. But where do you come in? Let’s break down how you can amplify the cause.

Veteran on a wheelchair on a psychotherapy session

How To Donate To Veterans

When connected with the right organization, donating can be simple. The general process is as follows:

  • Do your research. Find charities that match your ideals to address veterans’ struggles and commit to one you want to support.
  • Confirm reputability. Investigate the charity’s achievements, programs, members, and resources to determine their trustworthiness.
  • Consider your options. Identify if you would like to donate money to the organization or time and skills as a volunteer (or both).
  • Make your donation. Whatever the amount, pledge your gift to make an impact!
  • Monitor your contributions. Whether money or property, keep a record of your charitable donations for taxes.

How Your Veterans Donation Helps

Donating to veterans is an excellent way to give back to those who protect our country. Your donation not only helps Virginia veterans but provides family support as well. Pledging as little as a dollar can be the difference they need to access care, comfort, therapy, and medical treatment in facilities around the world.

Veterans experience many life-changing scenarios during their duration in the military, which can affect their physical and mental health and their families. Many veterans return from service with a physical or intellectual disability, mental illness, or lack of assets that can lower their standard of living. By donating, you reduce their isolation and elevate their knowledge, skills, and hope.

Challenges Your Donation Tackles

By understanding some of the challenges Virginia veterans can face, we can work to build a better future. Here are just some of the problems that your donation can tackle:

1. Unemployment  

Many disabled veterans have immense trouble finding work once they return home. If they have joined the armed forces straight out of high school, they also lack the education to compete with other applicants. Though veteran unemployment rates have decreased this year, it is still at 2.5% as of 2023 reports, with veterans with a disability as high as 5.6%.

2. Homelessness

Among the U.S. homeless population, a staggering 13% are veterans. Many who suffer from mental illnesses like PTSD are at high risk of alcohol and drug addiction, which can contribute to homelessness. In other scenarios, disabled and unemployed veterans can struggle to keep up with their mortgages and other finances, eventually losing their homes.

3. Physical injuries/disabilities

The dangers of war can leave many veterans injured or disabled. Living with a debilitating injury or physical disability can be difficult to maintain—from increasing medical bills, lack of support, decreased productivity, unemployment, and more. In 2021, 1.9 million U.S. veterans reported a service-induced disability of 70% or higher. The influx of physical disabilities has caused the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to be unable to keep up the number of applications—backed up for months or even years. This leaves many veterans stranded without the proper help.

4. Poor mental health

Sadly, suicide and depression rates are still high for veterans. This is due to the social stigma of seeking medical treatment, causing PTSD and other mental illnesses to remain undetected until adequately diagnosed. If you or someone you know may be struggling with their mental and emotional health, know this: seeking help is the strongest action you can take for yourself and your loved ones. Connect with the Veterans Crisis Hotline for support. 

5. Lack of education

As previously mentioned, veterans who join the armed forces after high school lack the college education needed to enter the job market. Some veterans may also feel that heightening their education may be financially daunting. Your donation can help them make that initial step.

How Eggleston Can Help

Eggleston has assisted adults with disabilities for over 65 years, connecting them to vital resources, services, and employment. We launched the Warrior Bridge program to provide Virginia veterans with the resources to take advantage of their benefits. With a person-centered approach, Warrior Bridge helps veterans integrate back into society with self-sufficient ways to secure immediate employment.

Warrior Bridge Program - Eggleston

At Eggleston, we understand the profound sacrifice veterans make for the sake of our country’s safety. That’s why we’ve decided to contribute many business resources to defending veterans’ right to a fulfilling life.  Explore our Veterans Spotlight and Veteran Resource Center to see why we take pride in the employees who work with us after service.  Ready to make a change?  Donate today.