Eggleston’s Native Plant Program for Wetland Restoration

Eggleston currently operates three greenhouses and a Garden Center located on LaValette Ave. in Norfolk, next to the Virginia Zoo.  In these operations, Eggleston offers horticultural therapy and helps associates gain life skills training in a pre-vocational setting.

Local non-profit and environmental organizations, such as the Elizabeth River Project and Lynnhaven Now!, recently brought the need for native wetlands plants to the attention of Eggleston. The plants are needed to restore the local river shorelines and dunes.

In an effort to help, Eggleston partnered with a large, out-of-town nursery specializing in “plants for living shorelines” to learn how to grow these wetlands plants in our greenhouses and sell at competitive prices in our garden center. We’ve reached out to local city planning offices and non-profit environmental organizations to determine the best plants to grow and the desired timing to support various projects.

The Native Plant Program has been a great success for the local community, the wetland environment and the people Eggleston serves. We’ve experienced a very enthusiastic response. One person even called this “the last missing piece of the local restoration program!”

If you’re interested in purchasing native wetland plants for your property or organization, stop by the Eggleston Garden Center at Tanner’s Creek.