Forecasting Fun for Trey’s Birthday

Want to know if it’s going to snow? Or, what historic weather event happened last year?

David “Trey” Ramsey, “The Weather Guy”, can tell you.

Trey is 33 years old. He loves everything weather related— you can often find him relaxing with a book and listening to his weather radio to keep updated on weather events across the country. His other interests include dancing, beatboxing his favorite songs, and watching movies.

Since 2012, Trey has benefited from Eggleston’s Residential Services program, living full-time in one of six homes that is supported 24/7 by Eggleston staff members. The staff that work with him say he is quite the comedian, doing impressions of his peers, making everyone (including himself) laugh. He’s also said to brighten up every environment he is in with his quick wit and engaging personality. 

Eggleston is not only Trey’s home, but his family and only support. This is the story for many residents, so the staff goes above and beyond for birthdays. They always get a cake, cook the person’s favorite meal for dinner, and get them a special gift. 

This year for Trey’s birthday, the Eggleston team wanted to make Trey’s weatherman dreams come true. They hoped to connect with a local meteorologist and visit a studio, but they were unable to do so due to COVID-19. They quickly came up with another plan. 

With the help of 360 Arts and Production, the staff surprised Trey with the opportunity to film his very own weather forecast! Trey lit up when he stepped in front of the green screen. He excitedly forecasted the weather for the upcoming week, and even shared hurricane preparedness tips.

When the video was ready, Trey and his peers watched it together over and over again– they couldn’t get enough! Each time, Trey repeated everything he said in the video with the biggest smile on his face.

Eggleston’s mission is founded on the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to live their best possible life. Our staff speak to residents often about their growing and changing needs, interests, and dreams to align our activities and opportunities. We have helped our residents travel to Disney World, DC, Vegas, and one is gearing up to travel to the Bahamas as soon as it is safe.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to work with our support team. This person would build friendships with the residents through frequent visits and participating in activities. This volunteer opportunity requires an ongoing commitment. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tim Giles at 757-858-8011.