If the government shuts down on October 1st, Eggleston will be ready.

September 29, 2023 


Dear Eggleston Community, 

As I’m sure you’ve heard, on October 1st, if Congress has not come to a funding agreement, the federal government will shut down. Federal employees and contractors deemed “non-essential” will be unable to report to work until Congress can chart a path forward. Because much of the work we do at Eggleston operates under federal contracts, a shutdown would have major implications for our organization.  
While a government shutdown is an outcome nobody at Eggleston wants, our team has nonetheless been monitoring the situation closely and preparing for this unfortunate eventuality. Our executive team has been working diligently to minimize the impact on the individuals with disabilities we employ and to share with Congress what those impacts would be. Hopefully our efforts will help prevent a shutdown or, if one is inevitable, to make it as short and painless as possible. 

Eggleston is prepared for whatever October 1st might bring. If a shutdown occurs, there’s no way for us to prevent all disruption to our daily lives, but we are ready to deploy safeguards to make sure Eggleston’s employees will not face any new financial hardship for the foreseeable future. 

We also recognize that employment is not just about financial security – friendship, routine, and even self-respect and identity are important benefits all people can receive through their jobs. Changes at work can therefore affect emotional wellness and mental health. So our ask of you is simple: whether you work for Eggleston or care about someone who does, please look out for each other. Pick up the phone and stay in touch. See a movie, grab a bite, or visit the Garden Center. Do everything you can to stay mentally and physically active and to retain a sense of normalcy. Be present and be patient. 
These times are uncertain, but Eggleston’s commitment to the individuals with disabilities we serve is not. We will continue to advocate for our community both at home in Hampton Roads and in Washington as well. As ever, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I’ve always said my favorite part of this job is getting to chat with all the wonderful people in this community, and that’s still true today. Eggleston is here for you. 


Harrison Misewicz