Profiles of Our People – Robert

1412232_10153525721977884_4738961742945560201_oRobert is employed with the Eggleston Automotive Center as a detailer. Robert is currently the senior most member of the crew. He is approaching his sixth anniversary with Eggleston! Robert, with his wealth of experience and enthusiasm for Eggleston, is always eager to assist with tours of our facility and promote Eggleston. We wanted to take this opportunity to commend him for his commitment to the job and highlight what an asset he is to our team.

Aside from his exemplary work performance, Robert has numerous interests which occupy his time outside of work. Robert is a writer and history buff. Robert’s diligence extends beyond his job. Robert makes daily journal entries to hone his creative writing skills and regularly astounds his coworkers with his encyclopedic knowledge of United States Presidential history.

Robert distinguishes his current job from past employment because this is the first situation where he has met his self-defined criteria for success. When asked how he defines success in employment, Robert cites his consistent attendance, seniority, hard work and, most importantly, his ability to make money. Great job, Robert!