Carlson House

Carlson house is our largest home with over 3000 square feet. Here at Carlson house we enjoy going for walks, dancing, listening to music, and laughing! We have a basketball court in the yard that we utilize often, and have a large activity room with puzzles, drawing boards, arts and crafts and plenty of space. When we’re not at the house, we like to go see movies, see airplanes, car shows, and art shows. The associates at Carlson house love going for rides, shopping and going to music festivals, and we love taking them out! Carlson house associates are very social, and if you aren’t sure how to be our friend, staff are happy to introduce you and show you how we communicate.

Dominique Pierce

Name: Dominique Pierce
Company Title:  Director of Residential Services
Started with Eggleston: December 2014