Howland House

Howland House, the newest home on our Hampton’s campus is home to 6 associates who have an array of abilities and a thriving connection with their community. From the moment you enter Howland House, you are greeted with a warm home environment, full of energetic committed staff and fun loving associates. With their favorite home cooked meals on the menu nightly, weekly fitness challenges, and family friendly movie nights, game-nights, and themed parties; everyone is family under one roof. Whether with their friends, or one on one with support, some of everyone’s favorite stops in the community are, museums, bowling, dinner and a movie, or even a road trip out of town for sight-seeing. Come by Howland House today to meet some of the shooting stars within the residential program at Eggleston Services.

Name: Monique Blount
Company Title: Residential Manager
Currently Reside in (City/Neighborhood):
Years at Eggleston:

QMHP-A, I have been working in the mental health field since November 2008. Experience in Day Treatment, Mental Health Support, Paraprofessional, and Group Coordinator. Attended Old Dominion University from 2013-2018 double majoring in cinema production and psychology.
The Mission is Greater Than the Moment” - Myself
By Any Means Necessary, D.L Hugley podcast, Screenwriter’s Bible.
The issue of no guardianship, or unfit guardianship for those we service. I feel a screening process and ability to continue to service in that role assessment should be given to every guardian. Those who have no guardian, I wish there were more avenues and ways to attract those who may want to fill in.
I am able to help others grow, reach their personal goals, and I am able to be comfortable being myself. My boss celebrates my accomplishments and my staff is an amazing team who honestly cares about those who we service.
Loyalty, Empathy, Compassion, Respect.
Meditating, Advocating for our community, Spending time with my loved ones, Screenwriting, Producing film, Trying new Foods, Traveling.