Veteran’s Spotlight: Marchella Stevenson

Name: Marchella Stevenson

  1. Where were you born and raised? Catherine, Alabama
  2. What branch of military did you serve in? U. S. Army
  3. How many years did you serve in the military? 22 yrs. (1989-2011)
  4. What made you decide to join the military? “My Uncle was a veteran and wounded warrior, I was inspired to join the Army and continue the family legacy of service. I also desired to be a part of something greater than myself”
  5. What was your job in the military? “I was responsible for Finance, ensuring that all Soldiers were paid accurately and on time which of course impacted unit readiness and their families quality of life “
  6. What commands were you assigned to? “Fort Bragg Army Base with 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper and also the 7th Transportation Battalion.”
  7. What is your most memorable moment in the military? “My most valued experience was hosting an Iraqi women’s day event while forward deployed in 2009 that highlighted the “strength of women.”
  8. How did the military benefit you personally and professionally? “The military provided me the opportunity to travel and experience diverse cultures. It also provided me with a career and leadership training.”
  9. What is your favorite quote? “If you’re going to bring me a problem, then recommend a solution”
  10. Other info you would like to share/hobbies? “Photography”
  11. How has the military help prepare you for your position with Eggleston?

“I credit the military for developing my ability to remain focused, flexible and to quickly adapt to different environments.  These skills help me with my current position as a Rehabilitation Therapist with Eggleston.