Words about Work – Stephen Neagle

Stephen Neagle, one of our employees at Naval Station Norfolk Galley has been gracious enough to share his thoughts with us about work, his job, and the experiences he is having as a person working out in the community. We wanted to share a story about work… directly from a person benefiting from work. Many people take for granted the independence, freedom, and empowerment a new job can give an individual. Often, simple things like training days, navigating public transportation and making friends are not even a second thought to someone starting out in a new career. For others though, these new experiences are interesting, challenging and ultimately highly rewarding as they cross milestones and gain confidence!

Here are some things Stephen has shared with us either in person or by email over his first 30 days:

Feb 27, 2019: “It’s official, I have a uniform and badge from Eggleston! I will be working at the Naval Station Norfolk Galley and I can’t wait to start my job!”

March 4, 2019: “I’ve just got my work badge, name card attached to my red lanyard that I got from working at Walgreens during my first post-graduate 2013-14 Year of Nansemond River High School and my work hat and uniform at Naval Station Norfolk!”


March 5, 2019: “I’ve done excellent cleaning out and washing the dishes a lot today on my new work job, Naval Station Norfolk! I’ve completed my training exercise! This was my Very First Official Day of my new work job, Naval Station Norfolk! It was wonderful today!”

March 6, 2019: “Yesterday, I’ve tried to clean out the trays with dishes, bowls, cups & mugs by emptying them in the trash then I rinse them and finally, I put them in dish rack and push it into the dishwashing tunnel. That’s my favorite part at the Naval Station Galley! The scullery is my favorite room at the Naval Station Galley where I clean out and wash the dishes. It’s better than the pots and pans room because it’s hard according to my companion, Kaz! The scullery’s conveyor belt is broken today which I’ve texted you some bad news! The scullery at the Naval Station Galley is my favorite part the most!”

March 29, 2019: “This is my new workmate friend, Lavelle Goodman on the right.”


“And this is my other new workmate friend, Anthony Jones. He also has Hampton Roads Transit transportation just like me and Lavelle! He worked on the cafeteria island.”


April 3, 2019: “Today at the Naval Station Galley, I learned how to use the water sweeper thing to sweep the water into the drain! My work boss told me that I’ve done an awesome job and she told me to turn on the scullery sink so she can use the hose to spray water on that place that was covered with food scraps!

Also, here is a photo of Me, my 2 workmate friends, Lavelle Goodman, and Anthony Jones. We are all Handi-Ride Buddies because we’re using our Hampton Roads Transit Handi-Ride cards and transportation!”


April 8, 2019: “I went to my 30-Day Meeting at Eggleston in Norfolk today and Ms. Czavier and the cast from Eggleston said that I can still keep my job being part of Food Service at the Naval Station Galley! The Main Theme from Summer Camp at Camp Civitan Acres Be a Daredevil Week on August 6th-10th, 2018 last year is ‘Don’t be sad until something fantastic or something great goes away.’ So I am not sad, I am happy because they told me today to enjoy the rest of the future of my new work job!”

Thank you for helping us celebrate one of our many employees and his “Words about Work.”
Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your thoughts – we are happy for the new opportunities you are having through work.
Keep on working and growing and being successful and we will be there to support you and celebrate you every step of the way!