2018 Annual Awards – EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR

Kathy Sneed, Direct Labor, Camp Allen Marine Corps Mess Hall

How long has the nominee been employed with Eggleston? 3 yrs

Explain the type of work the individual performs.

Kathy is a mess attendant at the Camp Allen Marine Corps Mess Hall where she is tasked with maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of food service spaces. Duties include the following: cashier; server; washing pots and pans; cleaning the dining area; washing dishes; emptying trash.

What contributions has the nominee made which qualifies him/her as a mentor and model employee?

During a period of reduced manning, Kathy willingly worked extra hours to ensure Camp Allen was able to complete our mission. Kathy routinely worked multiple weekends in a row so staff would not be short-handed. She also worked 6, 7 days in a row when needed. Kathy has been our go-to person to handle short-fused requirements when employees have called out due to illness. She is always early and willing to help staff with anything that needs to be done. Kathy was recognized by Marine Corps implementation team for her exceptional performance on the newly installed Point of Sale System. She quickly mastered the system and has become our most efficient cashier.

What has this nominee done to promote the mission and corporate values of Eggleston?

Kathy’s unsurpassed support of Eggleston’s mission is on display daily as she completes duties assigned. She has been a model employee whose quality of work is admired by all on her team. A sampling of her significant accomplishments include:

  • Volunteered to remain overnight this past winter during a snow emergency so that Eggleston could fulfill our contract of providing service to our patrons.
  • Significant contributor to mess hall receiving excellent score during Marine Corps Food Management Team visit.
  • Played a key role in the mess hall receiving accolades for outstanding performance during Marine Corps and Navy Birthday celebrations.

Letter of Recommendation:

I, James Meigs, fully support the nomination of Kathy Sneed for Employee of the Year. Kathy has been a very vital part to the operation on a day-to-day basis. Kathy continuously shows up for work early and is ready to go before her shift starts. Kathy is constantly picking up extra shifts and hours to help out with the employee shortage that Camp Allen has endured for the past few months. Kathy went above and beyond during the snow storms this year by finding ways to make it to work when others couldn’t. Kathy knows all the aspects of the job and does them well day after day. Kathy Sneed should be the Employee of the Year recipient.


James Meigs, Food Service Supervisor, Camp Allen