Tasha Jones, Making a Difference and History at Eggleston


Tasha Jones, Making a Difference and History at Eggleston




As Women’s History Month continues, we would like to recognize, Tasha Jones, a woman who is not only making history here at Eggleston but also making a lasting impact on her community.

Growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Tasha had two initial goals for herself. First, she wanted a career that would allow her to take care of herself and help her family. Second, she wanted to help others. She attributes her love for helping others to her grandmother who would often allow Tasha to come to work with her at a retirement home. There, Tasha learned how important and special it was to connect with and help people in need. So, she decided to step out on faith and relocated to Hampton Roads to attend Norfolk State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Education in 2008 and a Master’s Degree in Education, focused explicitly on School Counseling in 2012.

residentialTasha started her journey at Eggleston in 2009 as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at Civitan Acres Day program. Over the next few years, Tasha not only learned how to work with individuals with a wide range of disabilities, she also learned about how to work with and manage a staff. In 2010, she was promoted to Assistant Manager at Civitan, in 2012 she became the manager of our Tanners Creek Day program, and in 2014 she was promoted to the Associate Vice President of Day Services. Tasha’s genuinely kind heart and head for business didn’t stop there. In 2015, she moved into Eggleston’s residential division to help that program grow and became the Director of Residential Services 2016. In 2020, Tasha became the Vice President of Waiver Services (later to be renamed Rehabilitative Services) making history by coming the first female and person of color to hold a Vice President position at Eggleston. Most recently, Tasha was named Eggleston’s first female Chief Operating Officer and assumed the role on January 1, 2024.

Throughout her career, Tasha has not just been moving herself forward in her career path, she is also working with her staff and others to help them chart and pave their own path forward. She is always happy to lend a hand or a supportive ear to not only her staff but those we serve. She lives by the West African term “Sankofa,” which teaches us that we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us to achieve our full potential as we move forward. As a first-generation college graduate, she learned at a young age that life’s experiences and interactions set the tone for future leadership perceptions, and she finds joy in mentoring those up next.

“What makes Tasha truly remarkable isn’t just her title it’s her humanity, integrity, and heart. Over 7 years on her team, I’ve witnessed her unwavering character. She’s not just a leader; she’s a teammate who’s rolled up her sleeves, cheered us on, and led us through challenges. I’m better because of her. Tasha embodies the essence of true leadership, and I’m grateful to know her. I’m immensely proud of her unwavering dedication to our cause and her boldness in advocating for those we serve. In her, we find not just a leader, but a guide on how to stay grounded as we rise.” – stated Dominique Pierce, Director of Residential Services

In addition to all of her work and dedication to Eggleston, Tasha also makes time to give back to her community. Having been a cheerleader all her life Tasha wanted to share her love for the sport with the next generation, so she has been the Independence Middle School cheerleading coach for the last five years. But Tasha isn’t just teaching these young ladies about cheering, she is also teaching them about life. Each of her cheerleaders are required to do volunteer work in the community. While they often do this work as a squad, several of her former cheerleaders have carried on the love for service and have become summer interns with Eggleston.

“I really enjoy getting to know and helping the staff and individuals, which is why I came back for a second summer. This experience has helped me make connections and imparted priceless knowledge and real-world experiences. Making an impact to actively help others has helped me put aside my own ego. I leave work feeling fulfilled and happy with what I did.” – shared by Lily, Eggleston summer intern 2023.

Tasha is also the Financial Secretary of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Virginia Beach Alumnae Chapter where she strives to uplift the community through sisterhood.

Despite her very busy schedule Tasha still makes time for her husband and children. She shared, in order to help maintain a good work life balance she sits down with her family, and they all discuss what they each have going on, what they are feeling, and what they need. Then, they work together as a family to assign chores and responsibilities so that everyone is helping, and everyone gets to take some time for what they want to do. Tasha also shared “Women often create the unbalance in relationships because they feel they have to take care of everyone else. You have to make some time for you. If you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to help others.”

When asked what’s next, Tasha mentioned that she would like to do more speaking engagements. She shared that she is still a bit nervous until she gets to know people so speaking to groups allows her to continue her personal growth. She would also like to share her story with others to help inspire the next generation and let them know they can accomplish anything they are willing to work for.

“Tasha Jones embodies leadership. Her passion is her energy, which she uses to propel Eggleston to new heights and endeavors. Her constant cheerleading and coaching allow her teams to grow and reach their full potential. She empowers people and cultivates an open mindset to build strong relationships with the community. She is fearless, confident, and leads by example. I am a proud member of her team.” – commented Michelle Flynn, Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health & Development Services

When asked what advice she had for women and the next generation, Tasha said “Find a mentor who can support you and help you pave your path. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would be the Chief Operating Officer, but things are changing. We can! We are here and we’re not leaving!”