Which Is The Best Place To Shred Documents In Virginia?

As the world moves to more secure online solutions for documents, your business may be overwhelmed with piles of papers that need to be destroyed. As a document shredding company in Virginia, Eggleston works with various companies to meet their document destruction needs. This blog discusses the variety of factors that make a document shredding service reputable.

How to Choose the Best Document Shredding Service

When it comes to document shredding, choosing a reputable company that can offer you the solutions you need should be a priority. There are a variety of factors that you should take into consideration to make the correct decision. These factors include transparency of pricing, secure document shredding, bulk document shredding, a certificate of destruction, and customer-driven solutions.

1. Transparent Pricing To Shred Documents

Before working with you, a reputable and trusted document shredding company will supply you with transparent pricing. Instead of getting hit with hidden fees and upcharges, make sure the company is open and honest with you about the cost of shredding.

2. Secure Document Shredding

Document shredding is necessary for several industries, including medical, legal, and government offices. When you don’t have the time to complete shredding in-house, you need a trusted partner to do it for you. You need to ensure that your documents are secure from collection to destruction; every step of the shredding process should be monitored and secured.

3. Bulk Document Shredding

Whether you are a large company or a growing one, check to see if your document shredding company offers bulk document shredding. With this service, you can rest assured that all of your documents are taken care of. This also ensures that you will have a reliable partner to turn to no matter how large your company grows.

4. Certificate of Destruction

A trustworthy and reliable company will stand behind the work they do. Companies that offer certificates of destruction do just that. With a certificate of destruction, your business has a record of the completed service and an assurance that it met all security and compliance rules.

5. Customer-Driven Solutions To Shred Documents

When looking for the best place to shred documents, you need to search for a company that offers customer-driven solutions. How do they go the extra mile? Some companies offer multiple ways for documents to be collected, such as pick-up or drop-off services. Similarly, companies can offer monthly or weekly arrangements that allow you to stay on top of all your document shredding needs. Additionally, the best companies will offer other services, including document scanning or conversions.

Eggleston – A Document Shredding Company with a Purpose

When you need a reputable document shredding company in Virginia, Eggleston is here to help. We are dedicated to our communities and work hard to make them a safe space for every individual. That is why not only do we offer the best place to shred documents, but we also work with a purpose—to empower adults with disabilities in the workplace. 

When you choose Eggleston as your document shredding service provider, you decide to work with a charitable organization dedicated to a community. All proceeds we receive go towards community engagement and services for adults with disabilities. So, not only are we the best document shredding company in Virginia, but we are also a mission-driven organization passionate about helping the people in our community. Do you need document shredding or document conversion in Virginia? Contact us today to see how we can help!