Yesterday, Eggleston assisted the Hampton Roads Sports Commission in assembling goodie bags for every athlete and coach attending the AAU Junior Olympic Games!!! (An estimated 17,500 goodie bags!) Eggleston’s Business Services Manager Jerry Archer is coordinating the work of our associates who are about half way through the process of stuffing this massive amount of bags.
We also celebrated all of the hard work with Papa John’s Pizza of Hampton Roads, who supplied pizza for lunch!

The first week of Summer Camp at Civitan Acres has come to a close and campers had a final delicious lunch together, were given their awards  and danced to the “Cupid Shuffle” before saying goodbye to their friends.

Civitan Acres is Eggleston’s 14-acre property on Cedar Road in Chesapeake, VA. In 1999, Eggleston partnered with Civitan Acres for the Disabled, Inc. and the Civitan Club of Norfolk to advance and expand the property’s program offerings. Some of the individuals at this facility have very significant support needs. The program is designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by helping them develop and balance emotional, intellectual, and physical dimensions of their lives.


For forty years Hope has made hundreds of friends and accomplished a lot in her various positions within Eggleston. Currently she works in Eggleston’s business fulfillment division but also previously worked many years in the laundry facility and once helped assemble the “Oil Snare” a product used to clean up old spills in the 1980’s. “I can’t believe it’s been 40 years – I love working and all my friends.”


Eggleston President and CEO Paul Atkinson and some of the workers at our Military Highway facility cut the ribbon at a ceremony in celebration of our new disability friendly sliding door entrance. The door makes it easier for persons with disabilities to enter and leave the building and was made possible by a grant furnished by Source America through its QWE (Quality Work Environment) program.