Support Eggleston Family Members in Need.



This year, we are launching Angel Trees to support some of our residents, associates, and employees

who might need a little extra help around the holidays!




Eggleston will also be supporting many employees with food, gift cards and in other ways as well throughout the holiday season in appreciation for all that they do!


If you would like to assist with our Angel Tree see the details in the flyer above!
Don’t forget – items are due back to us by December 13th!

Thank you to all those who participated in the Sweet Potato Harvest at the Urban farm this past Saturday!

Together, 3 rows of sweet potatoes were pulled totaling roughly 400 lbs!
**All sweet potatoes will be sold at the farmers market on Hampton Blvd. the Sunday before Thanksgiving**

Great job everyone, we appreciate your hard work!


If you would like to find out how you can help Eggleston through volunteer opportunities, please visit our volunteer page online


Round of applause and very special thanks to the USS Oscar Austin Supply Department under Cmdr. Wesley A. Brown for volunteering with us two weeks in a row!

We had a total of 15 individuals serve at our Military Highway and Tanners Creek location. Their hard work consisted of clearing out cluttered space, cleaning out shipping containers, power washing laundry bins, and laying rock in shallow walkway areas at the Garden Center.

As a result, unused clothing items were boxed up and sent to Best Thrift and the Garden Center has been beautified with the freshly washed and laid rock.

We truly appreciate their time and service to us and our country!

If you would like to find out how you can help Eggleston through volunteer opportunities, please visit our volunteer page online


This morning more than 50 Eggleston employees and supporters gathered to enjoy fellowship, networking and a delicious breakfast provided by our friends at A-Mayes-N-Soul Food Inc., in Norfolk!

Everyone left will full hearts and belly’s as old friends and new enjoyed the appreciation and camaraderie that can only come from another Veteran – and those who truly appreciate the sacrifices made by our military.

Paul Atkinson, CEO and Denny Wance, Board Chair – who is a Veteran – both spoke a few words and shared their appreciation of everyone’s service. Warrior Bridge Program Manager, Tim Giles also shared his appreciation and thanked some of our guests from Mission United and The Veterans Affairs office for their attendance.

Tim also rolled out a new initiative titled: Wheels 2 Work,  which will help one worthy veteran obtain transportation to help him or her in their desire to get to work! Any veteran with a disability who lives in Hampton Roads will be eligible and can be nominated by a friend, family member or colleague. They can also self-nominate! Applications will be accepted for this program through December 31, 2019, and the winner will be announced in January of 2020!

For details on how you can nominate someone or yourself, you may contact Tim Giles at 757-858-8011 or email him at






Joann Mancuso, the program director for our Brain Injury Services division at Eggleston delivers over 90 presentations a year at local high schools about why it is so important to make safe decisions when driving as a part of our curriculum through The Beacon House Clubhouse located in Virginia Beach. The Beacon House provides services for adults living with brain injuries in Hampton Roads. They have been delivering these presentations as a part of their program for many many, years and have had a wonderful impact and great experiences with the students and all who are involved.


This week, however, Joann and one of our participants, Adam, had a special encounter that has made a lasting impact on them and so many of us at Eggleston. One of the students, Emmanuel, was in the 3rd block session. He had on a “pretty cool shirt” according to Adam. Because Adam is not one to get excited about too many things, Joann took a moment to take a photo of the shirt and ask Emmanuel where he got it so that she could purchase one for Adam for Christmas.  After listening to the presentation and about how little Adam has as a result of his brain injury, Emmanuel came up to Adam and literally gave him the shirt off his back. It was a very moving moment and it brought tears to Joann’s eyes but, more importantly, a smile to Adam’s face! Which according to Joann, “That is a big deal to see on Adam.”  Joann shared with the young man that she was so proud of his kindness and that she bet his mom would be as well! We all agree!


Joann reached out to the team at Green Run to share our thanks and appreciation, here is what the Principal, Todd Tarkenton, had to say to Joann,

“We are so proud of Emmanuel and all of our students for their amazing gestures of generosity and kindness. Thank you for recognizing yet another example of how our students do things #TheStallionWay.”


This is such a beautiful example of how small gestures of kindness really can have a huge impact! Emmanuel’s moment of generosity has made its way through our building and put happy smiles on many faces this week as we all appreciate the thoughtful gesture and a simple shared moment of gratitude. Thank you to Emmanuel, his family, and all the staff and students at Green Run High School for supporting Eggleston and our team at The Beacon House.


If you would like to learn more about how you can support our friends at the Beacon House or any of our other numerous programs and services across Hampton Roads, please call 757-858-8011 and ask for our Director of Development, Danielle Nance, or email her at


Eggleston will be placing Angel Tree’s at our Corporate and Military Highway Locations so that we can ensure happy holiday seasons for all of our Eggleston family members. Stop in between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday-Friday from November 15th – December 6th and select an Angel from our tree. Items are due back to the Corporate office (1161 Ingleside Roads, Norfolk, VA) by December 10th.





This year, a number of Day Service participants and employees participated in our Annual Halloween Decorating Contest across our programs and properties throughout Hampton Roads. Creativity and craftiness abounded while teams worked together for the last few weeks to come up with themes, build sets and create costumes! Judges visited each site on Halloween to review and decide who would take home the coveted prize this year. They looked for creativity, group participation and “handmade” vs. “store-bought” decorations and costumes as some of their criteria.

Our congrats go to the Military Highway Day Service Team for winning a very close competition! Thank you to the judges who took the time to come see all the talent, décor, and Halloween fun! A huge job well done for all the teams. Each site was excellent! We want all the participants and team members to know what an awesome job they did. The judges said that the event and the time they spent visiting the sites and celebrating the fun with everyone was truly delightful! Check out all the great photos of the day below!

Everyone is looking forward to the next holiday seasonal-themed decorations and celebrations coming up in December!


Our Day Service Programs operate across the southside and peninsula and serve more than 250 individuals a year through group day support as well as community engagement, and coaching all over Hampton Roads.

If you would like more information on our day program services please visit:


Eggleston Veteran Spotlight is published quarterly to introduce another amazing veteran working with Eggleston to improve our community. 

Veteran:  Tamsyn Spence

  1. Where were you born and raised?

I spent all of my childhood years in Chesapeake County with my mom until the age of 9 when she passed then I was raised by my Aunt and Uncle.

  1. In what branch of the military did you serve?

Army and Army Reserve

  1. How many years did you serve in the military?

 Eight years – from 1997 – 2005

  1. What made you decide to join the military?

I originally went into the military to get away from my living situation at the time.  It later became a life challenge to accomplish and succeed.

  1. What was your job in the military?

As a Medic, my job was to provide emergency medical care for wounded soldiers. 

  1. To what commands were you assigned?

Fort Leonard Wood (Boot Camp); Fort Sam Houston (AIT); Fort Carson (1st Duty Station); Illesheim, Germany (2nd Duty Station); Fort Story (Reserve Duty Station); Fort McCoy (2-Week Drill Assignment)

  1. What is your most memorable moment in the military?

Being in boot camp during the combat night training using night vision goggles and crawling under bob wire and thru trenches to survive, flares going over your head and your adrenaline going all over the place, firing your weapon to try and defeat the enemy.  Although fun, I am very thankful it was just a training exercise rather than being faced with that task.

  1. How did the military benefit you personally and professionally?

It has taught me to live by the honor code and to strive to be as professional as possible.  As a veteran of the military, it makes me proud when we are acknowledged and thanked for our service.  Although I have never fought in war, I have helped a lot of soldiers while performing my duties as a Medic.

  1. What is your favorite quote (if any)?

“Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you” Luke 6:31

  1. How did the military benefit you in your current role with Eggleston?

It has given me a lot of medical training and knowledge to be able to successfully work with people with disabilities and being able to connect and understand them better.  It has taught me patience, integrity, and selfless service that I provide to all the associates I work with at Eggleston.

  1. What other hobbies/interests do you have?

I am an Events and Party Planner! I run a business called “Elevation Party Planner” for all your birthday, wedding, baby shower, and bridal shower needs. I also love to make custom party favors and enjoy shopping and doing arts and craft projects.

Warrior Bridge

Eggleston values everyone who supports our mission to train, educate, and employ people of all abilities across Hampton Roads. We are especially proud of our employees who have chosen to come and work with us following their service to our country. Our Veterans help make Eggleston great! We are dedicated to employing those who served and appreciate the wealth of experience, knowledge and skills Veterans bring to their jobs here at Eggleston.

Our Warrior Bridge program is an important way we support the employment and success of Veterans in Hampton Roads. This program is designed to meet any veteran where they are in their career path and support their efforts to become employed, self-sustained and a productive member of our community.

Norfolk, VA – On Wednesday of last week our friends from Cox Communications stopped by to thank our folks for all their hard work helping them refurbish thousands of remotes, cords, and cables daily for their organization. Cox Communications has a goal of ZERO Waste that drives them to continue to think up of creative new ways to recycle and repurpose equipment. One of those ideas has generated an amazing partnership with Eggleston! Our Refurbishment teams are full of dozens of people who might not otherwise have a chance for meaningful work in the community. Within these programs they are able to make new friends, learn skills, earn money and – of course – HAVE FUN!

This most recent visit from our friends at Cox culminated with new shirts, a pizza party and fun photo ops! We appreciate all the many ways Cox Communications supports our organization and look forward to many more opportunities to partner together in the future.

Ocean View, Norfolk – One of the numerous groups within our Day Support Services ventured out to the Ocean View Pier this past month to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather. Everyone enjoyed the fishing and fun – followed by a wonderful lunch on the top deck of the pier! Thanks to OV Pier for hosting us! We hope that we left some fish out there for the rest of the fishermen and women!