Alexandra and Jones Printing:

A Community Employment Spotlight

Eggleston’s Community Employment Program is the intersection for local businesses looking for hard-working, dependable employees and adults with disabilities in search of meaningful employment. 

Alexandra utilizes a wheelchair for her mobility, so it can be challenging to find jobs in the community that can support her accessibility needs. In early 2020, Alexandra worked with an Employment Specialist through the Community Employment Program and secured a position with a local retailer. Unfortunately, just as Alexandra was getting settled in, COVID restrictions caused her to lose her job.

This past Summer, Mark Jones, President of Jones Printing, reached out to Eggleston in need of a staff person to work in their warehouse. After learning more about the position and touring the warehouse, Eggleston’s employment specialist had the perfect candidate in mind: Alexandra.


“Alexandra does not let anything stop her from reaching her goals, she is one of the most determined young ladies I have ever supported!” –Kimberly Heath, Manager of Community Employment 


Alexandra participated in a working interview and was hired on the spot! She started her new position at Jones Printing on October 6, 2020, working two days per week from 8am- 3:30pm. Jones Printing made environmental modifications within Alexandra’s first week on the job. This included lowering the time clock, toilet paper holder, and hand dryer, and they even repainted the wheelchair accessible parking spot outside of the building. 

Being out of work from March to October was tough for Alexandra, so she’s very excited to be working with Jones Printing. They have given her the ability to not only be another employee but part of their team, something she greatly missed.


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Partnering with Breeden Co. to

Increase Housing Options for Adults with Disabilities

Eggleston was started in 1955 by a group of parents seeking meaningful activities for their adult children with disabilities. Over the years, Eggleston has grown and expanded to offer a variety of work programs, brain injury services, veterans programs, day support programs, and residential services-all designed to empower and enrich the lives of adults with disabilities.

Recently, Eggleston and The Breeden Company joined forces to create a new independent living model that expands Eggleston’s residential services and increases community-integrated housing options for adults with disabilities. The first resident moved into his own apartment in November and the second resident, Drew, moved into his apartment in December. To learn more about the new program and Drew’s journey to independent living, please check out the recent article in Inside Business.