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The Eggleston Board of Directors and staff are excited to welcome our new

Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Misewicz

When former CEO, Paul Atkinson, Sr. informed the Eggleston board of directors of his desire to retire, the board began an international search for the next CEO.  After doing their due diligence, they found the best candidate was already in the Eggleston ranks. A native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for most of his life, Harrison relocated to the Hampton Roads area in 2022 after being named COO of Eggleston.

Harrison is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he obtained his BA in Communication Studies with a minor in Political Science, and he is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law where he obtained his JD.  Since graduating law school, Harrison has dedicated his life to the service of individuals with significant disabilities.  Harrison has worked for both a Central Nonprofit Agency in AbilityOne and a large Nonprofit Agency that is affiliated with that network.  Harrison brings his expertise and networking skills to Eggleston and is committed to expanding on the excellent reputation that Eggleston has built over the last 68+ years.  In addition to his passion for serving those with significant disabilities, Harrison has also supported the homeless and those with substance abuse disorders by serving through the Continuum of Care and volunteering at various group homes.

Atkinson, Sr. recently shared, “The board has taken the time and chosen my successor, Harrison Misewicz. Harrison has been on board for a couple years, and I’m sure that he will take the organization in a great direction, building on what we’ve achieved over the past few years. I’m confident that Eggleston’s leadership team is ready for this challenge and that Eggleston will continue to grow, change, and maintain its relevance and impact on the community.”

Harrison has spent the last few years learning about all aspects of Eggleston. “I would never ask an employee of mine to do a job I’m not willing to do.  So, I show up in our laundry, I show up in our group homes and day supports, and I regularly attend the auctions just so I can get out there and really experience everything Eggleston.”, said Harrison during a WNIS Ask the Expert show.

When asked why Eggleston, Harrison shared that after high school he worked briefly in the Information Technology industry and realized he didn’t want a relationship with a computer. He wanted relationships with actual humans. After completing his undergraduate and law degree, he then realized he didn’t want to be a lawyer but instead wanted to give his life to service.  This passion sparked his interest for a career in non-profits.  His experience and networking have allowed him to not only connect with Eggleston staff and those we serve, but also with other like-organizations, government officials, and business leaders to see how we as a community can improve Hampton Roads and the region for individuals with disabilities.

“Harrison has proven his dedication to championing the causes of the people we serve day in and day out. He has great vision and passion for all things Eggleston and the Board welcomes him as he starts this new chapter!”, stated Jen Anders, Eggleston Board of Directors Chair.

Please join us in congratulating Harrison as we EMBRACE THE FUTURE!