Please use this list as a guide for our December 23 – 26, 2022 hours in observance of the Christmas Holiday.
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2022 Christmas closure schedule

Please use this list as a guide for our November 24 and 25, 2022 hours in observance of the Thanksgiving  Holiday.
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Thanksgiving 2022 hours of opperations

Honoring and Serving Those Who Serve 

Bank of America logo and Warrior Bridge logo with photo of employees of both organizations.Eggleston’s Warrior Bridge is a unique program that assists many veterans who have diagnosed and undiagnosed disabilities connect to resources, support, and employment. Many Veterans leave their careers with mental health issues, medical issues, PTSD, and as a result, may face transportation issues, substance abuse problems, and homelessness. Eggleston’s program helps Veterans by creating a bridge between resources and employment. The program may even help a Veteran obtain a disability diagnosis. 

Eggleston’s Veterans Services Manager, Tim Giles works one-on-one with each veteran to link services and identify the ideal employment scenario.

“We are proud to serve those who have served. Unfortunately, there are Veterans, especially those who served before September 11, 2001, that may have a series of hardships and fall through the cracks because they aren’t aware of the benefits available to them. I take great pride as a Veteran myself in helping these individuals,” said Tim. 

Eggleston’s Warrior Bridge program is proud to partner with Bank of America and Virginia Natural Gas. Their generous support allows Eggleston to continue providing these services for those who have served our great country.   


Patrick’s Story of Hope

In 2007, Patrick was a Navy Chief on active duty with 19.5 years of service when he suffered a heart attack and an acquired brain injury. Patrick was then referred to Eggleston’s Brain Injury Services clubhouse program, Beacon House. At Beacon House, Patrick started to rebuild his life and relearn motor and life skills that were lost during the brain injury. He began managing his own finances again and was even able to regain his driver’s license. Beacon House then referred Patrick to Warrior Bridge for help finding employment and for help filing his VA disability claim. After working with Warrior Bridge, Patrick was hired at Chesapeake Square Mall in 2018. In 2020, Patrick contacted the Warrior Bridge program again for help finding employment. The Warrior Bridge program helped Patrick get hired in Eggleston’s Business Services Division, working on refurbishing remote controls for Cox Communications. 

Not only does this program assist 100+ veterans with disabilities each year, but Warrior Bridge stays with the Veterans for the long term. It is not uncommon for the program director to work with clients for several weeks, months, or sometimes years. By providing services over a long period, the program prioritizes the quality of services versus the number of services provided.


Recognizing Team Eggleston Veterans

Eggleston is proud to recognize and celebrate Veterans Day and all the men and women (and their families) who have served and sacrificed for this country and our freedoms. Veterans day is celebrated on November 11th since it was on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month that the armistice between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect, essentially ending WWI. In honor of this holiday, the leadership team at Eggleston would like to recognize its employees who are veterans and their contributions that make Eggleston, the community, and the lives of the individuals we serve better.   

  • Civitan – Donald Malenovitch 
  • Ingleside Rd – Kanisha Baker, Mary Clark, Dorothy Dobbs, Yancey Figueroa, Chris Hoagland, John Hopkins, Dawn Jackson-Gay, Lethon Jordan, Ernest Kemp, Kevin Lilly, Ronnie Mills, Thomas Warren 
  • Military Highway – Anthony Brown, Quintrina Gallop, Donnell Grimes, Tom Redinger 
  • NCMP – Jimmy Meigs, Lonny Talk, Shawn Heckstall 
  • NSG – Darvin Robinson 
  • Oceana – Larry Benbenek 
  • Residential Services – Anthony Bleach, Hazel Lewis, Tamsyn Spence, Darla Steele, Elmer Stratton 
  • Lavalette Ave – TJ Meltesen, Vaughn Thorpe, Pamela Veale 
  • Tidewater Drive – Ron Pierce, Robert Ruffins, Ronald Saunders 
  • VBB – Ilona Croumbles, Tim Giles, Craig Lyons, Dawn Maciag, Patrick Redman, Teslyn Savage, Michael Shackelford 


Learn more about Eggleston’s services and ways you can support adults with disabilities across Hampton Roads. Your actions can make a big impact– make a donation, become an everyday hero, volunteer with us, or invite us to speak at your workplace. 


Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events at Eggleston by subscribing to our email list.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Veterans day please visit: History of Veterans Day

Please use this list as a guide for our November 11, 2022 hours in observance of the Veterans’ Day  Holiday.
For questions or additional information please call our front desk team at 757-858-8011 or email them at

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Eggleston’s Garden Center is seeking volunteers to help with its annual Christmas Tree sale. Due to the heavy volume of customers on Saturdays and Sundays, we need volunteers to help show and sell Christmas trees and wreaths.

Volunteers will:

• Help customers with viewing trees and answer questions

• Carry the trees over to be cut, trimmed, and wrapped

• Assist with putting trees on top of vehicles

Shifts are 5 hours each and will take place outside (rain or shine), so please dress for the weather. Strong individuals are needed, and volunteers must be 14 years or older. Shifts are Saturdays and Sundays from November 19th-December 11th from 9 am-2 pm or 2 pm-7 pm

Click here to sign up.

Eggleston’s Summer Employment Provides Hands-on Career Exploration

Through Eggleston’s Summer Employment opportunities, local high school and college students were able to work as paid interns directly supporting the individuals Eggleston serves. Internships at Eggleston give students the chance to expand their ideas of what they might consider doing for schooling or a career. Here are some of their testimonials on what their summer internships entailed:


Shaniya, 11th grade

Future Educational Field of Study:  Robotics Engineering and Human Services  

Local high school summer intern, Shaniya, poses for photo with participant of Eggleston's Tanners Creek Day Program.I’ve had a fantastic summer at Tanners Creek Day Program.  It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.  Every day I wake up excited to go to work.  I had a great time meeting all the individuals.  Every day at Tanners Creek was a new adventure.  I learned so much from the individuals about being patience and understanding.  The individuals at Tanners Creek have helped me more than they know.  Tanners Creek Day program staff are some of the funniest and friendliest people you could meet.  They taught me that everyone is unique in their way, but we are all still special.  

In my time here, I’ve learned plenty of domestic skills like proper sanitization to ensure Health and Safety.  I’ve learned things I can use at home, like remaining calm in times of crisis.  I’ve also learned proper documentation, which will truly help me in school.  Eggleston’s Summer Employment helped advance my writing and work on my grammar and spelling.  I’ve learned how to enable individuals with different needs by talking to them to provide the best support and asking them questions throughout the day to keep them on task and help them progress.  In my time here, I have noticed everyone needs different things to be the best they can be.  The most important thing I learned is that I love helping others, which makes me happy! 

Phillips, 11th Grade

Future Educational Field of Study:  Psychology/ Human Services 

During the short period, I was granted the opportunity to work at Eggleston; I was blessed to have gotten the chance to experience as much as I did.  Working here has allowed me to grow in the best possible way.  I never had a specific path I wanted my career to follow, but working at Eggleston has made it crystal clear that I want to support people in any way I can.  In this environment, I have learned so much from each individual I have been lucky to work with.  Creating a bond with these individuals has been the highlight of my year.  Being able to come to work and learn something new every day is one of the best things about working here.  I come to work every day, never knowing what I will encounter that day.  Some days we go out into the community and get the chance to work with a wide variety of people; other days, we engage in new activities amongst familiar faces.  

Everyone is unique in their own way; getting to know them has been the light in my life.  Working here has helped me grow and expand my friendships, think more positively in every situation I face, and see from others’ points of view.  These qualities help me in school, home, life, and other work environments.  Saying I am lucky to have been given this opportunity is an understatement.  The lessons I have learned here will carry on with me forever, and I could not be more thankful for that.  Everyone here at Eggleston has made the most significant impact on my life.  They are the sweetest, most caring people I have ever met.  They bring light to any situation and always know how to build people up.  At Eggleston, everyone is seen as equals; this allows everyone to mesh together nicely.  This also creates a very positive environment and allows everyone to speak kindly to one another.  Overall, Eggleston Summer Employment has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and has taught me many valuable lessons I will carry with me wherever I go.

Lily, 11th Grade

Future Educational Field of Study: Data Analytics with a minor in Psychology

High school summer interns, Lily and Phillips, with Eggleston Program Manager Elizabeth Johnson in from of Eggleston "Powered by Purpose" logo.I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at Eggleston.  I’ve never had a particular profession in my mind for the future, but when a peer approached me with a proposition to work at Eggleston, it was like a gravitational pull I couldn’t oppose.  Eggleston, in my experience, has strongly impacted my life for the better.  Working here for the past two months has not only opened doors for me in the future but also aided me in the present.  The people I work with, whom I can now consider my friends and mentors, have imparted priceless knowledge that has helped me develop into the person I have always aspired to be.  The new environment, people, and opportunities provided by Eggleston enabled me to step outside of myself and view the world in a new way that was previously foreign to me.  I can confidently state that working here was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself.  I will continue to apply what I have learned here to better myself and the world around me.



Eggleston’s current job openings can be found online if you or someone you know would be interested in joining the team. Eggleston also provides services to help adults with disabilities find meaningful employment.

Civitan House Foster Pet: Giving Back to the Community and Growing…Together!

Civitan House Visits Chesapeake Humane Society for Foster Pet

Over the summer months, residents of Eggleston’s Civitan House made the enormous commitment to foster a pet as a way to give back to their community and enrich their own lives.

After thoughtful discussions about what fostering a pet would be like and how it would affect them, Charissa, Rachel, and Thomas visited the Chesapeake Humane Society and chose a sweet older dog named Benny*. 

Benny was in a unique situation.  He was in the Chesapeake Humane Society’s crisis boarding program. This program allows owners to surrender their pets for a short time due to temporary housing issues like eviction, domestic violence, and medical concerns. The program allows pet owners to get back on their feet and bring their pet home when ready. 


Bringing Benny Home

Once the Civitan housemates got Benny home, they made a checklist to assign equal responsibility for the various caretaking needs of Benny.

Charissa was in charge of feeding Benny in the morning; Thomas was in charge of feeding Benny in the evening and walking him nightly, and Rachel was in charge of walking him in the daytime and bathing him. 

Rachel said, “The first bath we gave Benny, we flooded the bathroom! There was water all over the floor and the hallway.” Rachel got a good laugh thinking back to the event. 

Benny was an older dog that didn’t play very often, but he did enjoy chasing them around the house and loved to get on their beds (even if he wasn’t supposed to). Michael really loved having Benny at the house and found it easy to care for him. 

After several months, all the housemates and staff really fell in love with Benny and missed having him in the home. Benny is now back with his family and is doing well. His owner was thankful to Charissa, Thomas, Michael, and Rachel for providing such a wonderful home for Benny this summer.

While the residents of Eggleston’s Civitan House are taking a much-needed break after learning so much about caring for an animal, they are considering a foster pet again, maybe even a cat next time!


Interested in fostering a pet?

If you would like to learn more about fostering and how to apply visit the Chesapeake Humane Society website.  Foster families are needed for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a puppy or kitten who needs some extra attention as they develop or a special case like Benny who just needs a temporary home. See how you can give back to the community as the Civitan housemates did.

*Benny is a fictional name used to honor the privacy of the pet owner.

Eggleston is proud to announce the NAS Oceana Hornet’s Nest Galley
has received a 5-Star Accreditation for food service excellence for the 5th year in a row.


Each year galleys, within the Mid-Atlantic Region, are all inspected by an independent team and given points based upon menu planning, food preparation, administration, management, training, safety, sanitation, inventory validity, customer satisfaction and 25 surveys that are distributed to customers. The NAS Oceana Hornet’s dining facility was awarded five-star accreditation during the 2022 assessment cycle for maintaining the highest level in Navy food service. The five-star accreditation recognizes overall food service excellence by evaluating key areas in customer service, cleanliness and management.  

This is a BIG DEAL for our Food Service Team, because they played a major role in helping the military earn this distinguished accreditation. Our Food Service Leadership put in countless hours to ensure that our contractual obligations were well above standard!  They planned, organized and executed our mission and ensure that all inspected areas were highly serviceable and surpassed the inspection’s team expectations.

“Five Star Assessment was outstanding! The civilian team showed up and showed out. Took little to no sanitation hits.  Region was very impressed with the cleanliness of all the beverage lines and how everyone was following all safety procedures. The team also demonstrated great team work.” – CWO3 Misty Cannon, SC, USN, Naval Air Station Oceana

With the five-star accreditation, the galley will now go on to compete for the Captain Edward F. Ney Award for food service excellence.  This award is given to the Best Navy galleys in the country.

Last week the military honored our teams accomplishment by giving our Food Service Team a small award ceremony. 

EAC sign

Eggleston Automotive Center a Community Treasure For More Than 20 Years

Eggleston Automotive Center’s mission-driven focus combined with its unique business model make it more than another employment program offered by a nonprofit.  Since 1999, it’s been a community institution, treasured not just because it provides jobs to people with disabilities. It also provides affordable cars to people who need them.  “I’m very proud of what we’ve built,” said Paul Atkinson, Jr., Manager of Eggleston Automotive.

Eggleston operates multiple business enterprises that employ people with disabilities, including a garden center, document shredding, a farmers market and a business fulfillment center. Eggleston also contracts with federal, regional and local businesses to support branches of the government and the military in areas that range from laundry to custodial to food service.  Add to that Eggleston Automotive, a service that accepts car donations, cleans and repairs them, and sells them at auction with proceeds supporting the overall vision of a more inclusive future.

When Paul J. Atkinson, Sr., CEO of Eggleston, started the vehicle donation program, his intention was to create an employment program that aligned operations with Eggleston’s mission of empowering and employing people with disabilities.

Opportunities are typically limited for individuals who need support to complete their job, particularly in automotive fields. But helping those with disabilities gain independence, confidence and increased feelings of self-worth is central to Eggleston’s core.  The nonprofit dates back to 1955 when it opened as Tidewater Vocational Center, which helped seven people with disabilities. Today the organization serves hundreds through 33 programs and 22 locations. Its employment programs focus on reducing barriers so people with disabilities can lead full and productive lives.

Auto repair Reggie - detailing

Eggleston Automotive follows a distinctive business model, said Eggleston’s Danielle C. Nance, Vice President of Marketing and Development.  “I’m not sure there’s anyone else who does things quite the way we do,” Nance said. “We take car donations, repair them mechanically, detail them and get them ready for auction, and then we handle all parts of that auction. We do everything, soup to nuts, as a nonprofit. Most nonprofits would shop that out to a third party.”

Running or not, any vehicle can be donated to Eggleston Automotive, which picks up donated vehicles free of charge. Next day pickup is available, and a tax deduction receipt is mailed. Donors encounter no DMV hassles. Eggleston Automotive handles all the pertinent paperwork. All that’s needed is a properly signed title.

Eggleston Automotive’s team of detailers — mostly people with disabilities — take over from there. They take pride in making the donated vehicle look as close to new as possible. Minor repairs are completed if necessary.  Dedicated direct support professionals from Eggleston serve as job coaches, assisting those who need help overcoming barriers related to their disability.  A job coach might spend a few hours, an entire day, a week or more with each individual based on that worker’s skill set, personal needs and level of comfort transitioning to the job.  “The jobs at Eggleston Automotive are unique in the industry,” Atkinson, Jr. said. “Nationally, there are not many opportunities for this type of work in a supported employment setting. We are a more understanding employer.”

Too often, Nance said, organizations pigeonhole people with disabilities to accept any job. Eggleston strives to help people work in fields that interest them, among the reasons so many options with the company exist.

“While we also place people in competitive employment situations, it can be often challenging for those with significant disabilities to find work,” Atkinson, Sr. said. “Creating business enterprises like our garden center, our document shredding service and Eggleston Automotive are all ways for us to create different avenues for people to succeed in the area of their choosing.”

Once cars are detailed, they become part of Eggleston Automotive auction, typically held every other Saturday. Size of every auction ranges from approximately 40-60 cars. Eggleston prides itself in transparency and permits prospective buyers two days to preview the vehicles and access to notes about the car. Eggleston Automotive sends out email blasts to its bank of subscribers that number more than 7,000. Recent featured vehicles in the last email newsletter included a 2008 Dodge Caravan, a 2006 Lexus, a 2001 Volvo and a 2007 Ford Ranger, just to name a few.

Robert and Jeff - detailing auto auction

On auction day, bidding begins at 9 a.m. at the North Military Highway facility, with doors opening an hour before.

“We have many repeat customers who get all their cars from us and bring friends and family when the need arises,” Atkinson, Jr. said. “We’ve built a car-buying community.”

In the last fiscal year, more than 1,400 car donations came into Eggleston and sold for $1.4 million.  All the money received through the auction supports Eggleston’s programs. In fact, Atkinson, Jr. said, “The money we raise allows for programs which would otherwise not exist. Our auto auctions allow us to subsidize those programs and secure their continued existence.”

The scope of programs Eggleston offers individuals, families and businesses is vast. They include support services that promote community integration and inclusion, such as group day services that encourage peer interaction and skill building; one-on-one community coaching to minimize barriers disabled people face; and community engagement, which fosters relationship building and natural support systems for people with disabilities. Eggleston offers brain injury services, including case management and a Beacon House program that focuses on the abilities of those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Residential services range from group homes to in-home support.

Although the past few years have posed challenges for Eggleston Automotive, auctions continued without interruption even during the height of the pandemic. Eggleston Automotive closely followed CDC, federal, and state guidance and implemented risk mitigation strategies to remain open. For nearly a year starting in March 2020, sealed bid auctions replaced live auctions.  “When we were able to resume live auctions on April 10 last year, there was significant enthusiasm from our auction attendees,” Atkinson, Jr. said. “We are extremely grateful to those who chose to support.”

More challenges continue to mount for Eggleston Automotive, as fewer donations have come in during a time when used cars fetch a premium price due to an overall lack of supply. At the same time, catalytic converters are in increased demand, and as many as 30 have been stolen from the donated cars parked inside the fenced Eggleston Automotive lot.

While Atkinson, Jr. is hoping to mitigate the problem with enhanced security and increased lighting, Eggleston Automotive has canceled its two scheduled auctions (July 2 and 16) and will hold its next auction on July 30.  Nonetheless, Atkinson, Jr. is confident that Eggleston Automotive will remain a vital community resource.  “Our donors are the backbone of the operation,” he said. “Not everyone who believes in our mission is in a position to support us financially or with a car. However, those who are allow us to do our work in this community. Their donation represents jobs, funds, and a second life for their car. I also distinguish us from other operations in this way: We are local. The benefit of any gift stays in Hampton Roads. That’s why I have no doubt we will persevere through these times. We’re grateful to be part of a community that never lets us down.”

To donate a car to Eggleston Automotive, call 866-386-GIVE or visit this link. To be added to Eggleston Automotive’s email list, visit To change the life of an individual with a disability through a monetary donation, click here.